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11 Mar 2019


CHILE-Melipilla: The Movement Poets Of The World, always fulfilling the postulates of its Universal Manifesto, and faithful to the commitments, in its passion to change the world, and that the word, like supreme manifestation of the poetic art, is the key to change the course Of history, continues to organize poetry events across the planet. They are already 14 years in this fight for life, we are visiting schools, universities, unions, factories, peripheral neighborhoods, military barracks, hospitals of long lines of patients, where many times die in waiting, going down to the mines and going up to the Great and Cold Palaces of Power, always with the same message of peace and hope for our peoples and of love and faith for the Human Project.


This year 2019 we have set even greater goals; We want to reach more places with our word, and the poets of the world will be able to break the ice, pierce the eardrum and reach the consciousness of those who govern us. The world demands us and we must say: here we are! 

That is why we invite the poets who want to accompany us, in this almost impossible cavalcade, in the metallic times that we have lived. That is the meaning of our meeting, here we present some of them for this year 2019: 

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2019 Formosa International Poetry Festival will be held during September 21~27, 2019

See VIDEO of the first meeting in 2015

Note: The meeting in Taiwan has limited quotas and completed, so we have not published the program.


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These were the wishes for 2019

Let them be fulfilled!





And this is our message to the poets of the world 

*Luis Arias Manzo, Founder-Secretary General of poets of the world

Nacionalidad: Chile
E-mail: ppdm-mundial@hotmail.com