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14 Aug 2018


CHILE-Santiago: Year after year, since the beginning of this international poetry event, in October 2005, an event that coincided with the start of an ambitious project that consists in bringing together all the poets of the world that have as slogan the protection of the life and the planet , every year, and always in the month of October, poets from different regions of the world have come to our meeting participating in the emblematic meeting: “TRAS LAS HUELLAS DEL POETA” (Discovering the traces of the poet).


From this year 2018, our event will be dedicated to an international poet who has played an important role in the construction of our movement. The first poet honored is the Tunisian poet, vice-president for the Arab World and Ambassador to Tunisia of poets of the World:

Event dedicated to the poet YOUSSEF RZOUGA:





Wednesday, October 17th (1st day)

Arrival, accreditation and installation HOTEL FORESTA

Address: Victoria Subercaseaux 353 – Santiago Centro

Phone: 56-2 – 3639 6261/2639 4862/2639 4071


17:00 – 18:00 visit to the House – museum "La Chascona". House in Santiago that belonged to Pablo Neruda.

20:00: Welcome dinner.


Thursday 18 (2nd day)

09:00 = Departure to Rancagua: visits, gatherings, presentations in different places.

Morning presentation in Rancagua with local poets and the Oscar Castro Foundation.

13:00 = lunch in Rancagua.

Afternoon = Meetings in schools

20:00 = dinner in the old Wall (Rancagua)

22:00 = return to Santiago.


Friday, October 19 (3rd day)

09:00 = Departure to the commune of Huechuraba

9:30 = Arrival Poets of the world to Huechuraba Library Words Authority and Breakfast

10:30 = Visit School 128 in which poets can interact read according to Protocol Director

12:00 = visit Escuela Santa Marta de Huechuraba

Activity and welcome reception according to protocol The poets will be able to interact with the students.

14:30 = Lunch Restaurant Villa Moreira. Space reserved for the poets of the world. Microphone and projection data if someone needs to expose.

15:30 = Exit Heritage visit

17.00 = Departure with poets destined to the hotel Foresta.

20:00 dinner in Santiago.


Saturday 20 October (4th day)

09:00 = Exit to Valparaiso

11:00 = visit to "La Sebastiana" house-Museum of Pablo Neruda

12:00 = Poetry reading in the Plaza of the poets of Valparaiso.

13:00 = lunch in Valparaiso

15:00 to 16:00 = visit to the port of Valparaiso.

17:00 = poetic exchanges with poets and writers of Viña del Mar.

20:00 = Poetic Act in the Cultural Center Edetrem of Melipilla.

Dinner and night in Melipilla.


Sunday, October 21st (5th Day)

09:00 = departure to Isla Negra.

11:00 = visit of the House Museum of the poet Pablo Neruda.

13:00 = lunch in Cartagena

14:45 = reading of poems before Vicente Huidobro's tomb in Cartagena.

20:30 = dinner in and night in Melipilla.


Monday, October 22nd (6th day)

Tomorrow, activities in Melipilla.

Afternoon, transfer to the Vilos. Dinner and night in the Vilos.


Tuesday, October 23rd (7th Day)

08:00 = breakfast, visit and tour of the Vilos.

Visit schools and other institutions.

12:00 = travel and reception Caleta San Pedro Los Vilos and encounter with fishermen

13:30 = Lunch prepared by fishermen.


Wednesday, October 24th (8th Day)

Visit to the Choapa

10:00 = Exit to Illapel

11:30 – 12:00 = meeting with poets, writers and students House of Culture.

13:30 Lunch

14:30 departure to national Reserve Las Chinchillas Sector Aucó

17:30 arrival at Cinnamon reception.

18:00 meeting with local writers and poets and authorities

19:00 Dinner

20; 00 hours return to the Vilos


Thursday, October 25th [9th Day]

12:00 = encounter with artisan fishermen. Lunch in Puerto Oscuro.

15:00 = Departure to the Vicuña commune

18:00 to 20:00 = Tour of Coquimbo and La Serena

21:00 = dinner and star night in Vicuña


Friday 26 October [10th Day]

08:30 visit to the Elqui Valley for the whole day. Visit to the city of Vicuña

Visit to Gabriela Mistral Museum and poetry readings.

Visit Montegrande School, mausoleum and poetry reading.

19:00 = poetic encounter in Vicuña.

21:00 = dinner in Vicuña.


Saturday, October 27th [11th Day]

09:00 = Departure to Santiago.

13:00 – 14:30 = lunch at the Vilos.

18:00 = arrival and Installation at Hotel La Foresta.

20:00 = Farewell dinner and diplomas.


Sunday, October 28th [12th Day]

09:00 = Breakfast at Foresta Hotel

Poets return to their respective countries.

Those who decide to stay longer in Chile, the hotel is booked, but it is on the participant's account.