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09 Jun 2011

Current poetry and Dadaism . By María Sánchez Fernández *

SPAIN-Jaén: A few days ago through a virtual correspondence with a friend of mine,also a poet in the world, Cuban who now lives in Spain, we had an interesting conversation in which very large and richly lectured on poetry and the way current expression of the poet in our time [he calls the way of writing his verses 'colloquial, informal, a gathering together scraps of everyday life.'] All this led us without remedy a very interesting topic:

Dadaism ie, 'opposition to reason.'

Back in the early twentieth century, a Parisian group of young poets, led by Romanian Tristan Tzara, were gathered at a cafe in pleasant chat and jokes and casual atmosphere like a volcanic explosion came a new cultural movement that was characterized by delete all established canons and conventions in art and literature generally causing a technical default and annihilation of beauty. Its mission was to destroy logic.

Well. What does DADA DADA?
DA-DA For the first syllables are pronounced by a child when you start talking. He tries to express a feeling this babble, you make yourself understood in a language that is impossible to decipher emerging. No one understands ... DA-DA ...

Hence, these two innocent syllables was born the concept of Dadaism.
Dadaism was a phenomenon with extraordinary force that spread rapidly in all fields of the arts. If you started in a literary as a joke, soon permeated and influenced in music, painting, sculpture, literature, theater, poetry and even how to talk to the people.

I have read that Cubism and Dadaism together in one spot. Brush many wonderful artists represent their issues in these forms of expression. They are colorful, imaginative, yet so difficult to understand when they paint a picture, a still life, a sunset ...! They say with DA-DA expressive power, but everyone understands?

IMPRESSIONISM say he could be an ancestor or precursor of Dada, something with which I disagree. If Dada expresses disagreement in all fields socio - cultural, are the 'antinode', painting Impressionism is the renewal of beauty in a brilliant imagination full of light and color giving a halo forms a bit special though never left the most beautiful reality.

In music, Dada took its toll. Featured composers of the early twentieth century based their work on songs full of dissonance and harshness which neither permeate all people. They are difficult to assimilate; twitching nerves. All my respect for them because they are great musicians, but music, I am convinced that it is to raise awareness to a state of peace.

I have quite a library that I have nurtured in the works of several authors universally known in that era of the early twentieth century and are immersed in pure Dada. I have read more than once, but when I finish the book fall into a deep depression. Are very particular in his writing by having a highly eccentric and morbid imagination that lead me to think about unreal worlds that lead me to a kind of despair that makes the mind come to me on the floor.

And poetry. Oh the poetry! There is much Dadaism in poetry today.

The poet writes, wants to lift and shape the verse, but destroys it with a vocabulary that is beyond the poetic canons. This is not to say no to speak freely, that poetry is pure and beautiful when it is free. The rhyming verse and measured is a wonderful thing indeed, and we were taught the classics, and poetic expression, which is called 'poetry' is another very different. Are laudable one or the other but the poet should try to always carry a message of beauty in their written words. Writing a poem is not to put any text that just says nothing, in a series of overlapping words in verse form, has to carry a message that says 'poetry.'
There is the phenomenon of Dadaism that through a century is still valid today.

February 1, 2011

Maria Sanchez Fernandez* - World