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07 Dec 2021


The poets of the world will declare any space where they have to be as their own arena to fight the evil, whether it is in big and cold palaces of power or in the wretched cavern of the city, on the grass where the farmer works or at the very bottom of the mine where the miner spits blood, the poet will never stop visiting any neighborhood to spread the word, as if it were rain pouring on the earth, it allows to see an spectacle of grace as if it were flowers to the eye of humanity.
The poet will be the light guiding the warrior as if he were dunes in the darkness of the night. ( Article 8 of the manifesto of poets of the world)
The reality that we live today being part of a society that intends to survive the biggest and the worst pandemic that has devastated humanity in recent times, the drama that immigrants are living in different regions of the world, global warming, and many other tragedies threatening the human projet, urges us, once again, to not remain indifferent.
May this message become into an official invitation to participate in our First Meeting in Aguas Calientes, and into a call for poetry to be heard from every corner of the world as a message of unity, love and hope at the service of humanity.


Monday March 21st (First day)

Opening by the director of Culture, the founder of the movement Poets of the World and the president of the government of Aguascalientes.

Invitation to the media.

Place: Second Courtyard of the Municipal Palace

Tuesday 22nd (Second day)

Working table at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes with the Hispanic Literature degree students.

Exhibition of images created from the poems of visiting authors by Cetis 80 students.

Conference on the work of Dolores Castro Varela (Honored author from Aguascalientes) (Place to be confirmed)

Wednesday 23rd (Third day)

Plastic exhibition on the works and portraits of one of the visiting authors (Technological University of Aguascalientes).

Interview in the program Cultura Radiante about the career and work of the authors.

"The current poetry written by women", talk with students of Cultural Management of the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes.

Thursday 25th (Fourth day)

Activity to promote reading in the community of Peñuelas.

An afternoon of talk and exchange of experiences between local poets and visitors.

Friday 26th (Fifth day)

Reading activity with the elderly from the Artistic Exploration Units.

Poetry reading workshop with boys and girls from the UEA’s (place to be confirmed in public space or in the library)

Saturday 27 (Sixth day)

Tourist tour

Sunday 28 (Seventh day)

Closure and delivery of awards


The participating poets will appear in an anthology edited on paper in Mexico and will be presented during the meeting. The closing date is Saturday, January 11, 2022, so poets must confirm participation before that date.

Program subject to modifications in order to improve it.


Room type: SINGLE (990 USD) _____ DOUBLE (790 USD) _____

*THIS VALUE INCLUDES: 7 hotel nights, all meals, Local transportation during the event, diplomas, credential, organizational expenses, advertising. It does not include airport taxi or sightseeing.


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