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08 Mar 2021


For the Cochabamba-based Poets of the World Movement, it is a privilege to host this important event commemorating the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF WOMEN, through a well-deserved tribute to all Bolivian women and the Hispanic world, an activity starring a cohabitant plastic artist who will surprise them with their talent and creativity.

On behalf of Poets of the World based in Cochabamba, I welcome you to this Virtual Exhibition, composed of 20 portraits made by María Camacho de Guzmán in the watercolor technique, in which she shows us diverse, artistically accomplished portraits of women whose faces are the bearers of deep reflections and thoughts, expressed through poetic phrases, whose authorship belongs to the painter.

A pictorial exhibition that will undoubtedly be appreciated by those who visit us in a virtual way.

Thank you for your kind visit!

Secretaria Nacional de Poetas del Mundo