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01 Mar 2021


CHILE-Melipilla: Today, the Poets of the World Movement wins the remarkable recognition of forming the largest guild of poets in the entire orb. Nine thousand and five hundred members from one hundred and forty countries on five continents bear witness to this unprecedented reality in an organization of poets.

To be in tune with the continued growth of our membership, the managers of Poets of the World not only organize different literary meetings of an international nature, but, to save geographical distances and linguistic differences between their members, by one means or another, they try to maintain the dissemination of their works and the communication from poet to poet.

To this day our website is one of these means that has allowed us to maintain the information and dissemination of the registration of our member poets. Until last year the website of Poet of the World showed its users, all the work of the Movement, through a personal page on which a small sample of the life and artistic-literary work of each poet was published and, in a general sense, also outlined the activities carried out in the various events organized by dissimilar nations, notwithstanding what has been said and done to this day , we know that technological development is unstainable and that is why we have set out to update the website of Poets of the World. In this sense, and as information on August 14, 2020, a modernization project was initiated that has allowed us to set up our website on a new platform that, thanks to the relentless and difficult work of the specialists in charge of such commendable work, we managed to attach it to our server on January 23, 2021.

From the previous date we started the trial period that will run until March 21. Namely, on this date we celebrate International Poetry Day, we think it is very opportune to wait until then, the official reopening of our modernized website, whose essential objective is to expand the service of dissemination and promotion, of all that Poets of the World does as a literary organization of international scope.

For the general knowledge of all our users, we inform that the new web platform, although it has functional features similar to that of a social network, offers other services that become novelties for all poets and in a general sense, for users of the renewed platform; Poets of the World.


Among the news:

- any user, member or not of our organization, has access to browse that page without the need to subscribe to it.

- each poet officially registered as a member of Poets of the World can, personally and directly, access and update all the information on his page, upload poems, news, comments, videos, photos, books or other information of personal or collective interest, in accordance with our reason for being as an international organization.


- Readers of Poets of the World can also, according to their personal interest, make a free account that allows them to not only read their favorite poets, but also interact with them, through comments subject to tastes and preferences, around the authors or the works read.

In the new web service; Premium preferential accounts are also offered for poets who can and wish to contribute to the technological or promotional development of our organization. Poets who opt for this service will have a greater capacity in their premium accounts and will have a public recognition, as goodwill ambassadors, to access the management positions of Poets of the World or the Poetic Diplomatic Corps of our Movement.

We ask everyone; be attentive and maintain communication so that they are up to date with all the work we are developing.

From now on, we want to thank everyone in a general sense because they are all our reason for existence and in a particular way we also thank those who, in one way or another, have supported us until today, and to those of us who know that they will join, in order to continue our noble mission of Peace.  



Poets of the World; it is an international movement that puts its art of literary creation at the service of humanity. It is an NGO without political, religious or other ties.

Economically, Poets of the World is self-financed by some poets, the editing and marketing of anthologies that disseminate the work of its members and by the realization of different events of international scope.

Founded on October 14, 2005 in Valparaíso, Chile, by the Chilean writer Luis Arias Manzo, who is also the International Secretary of that organization.

Today, Poets of the World is over nine thousand and five hundred members, from one hundred and forty countries on five continents, forming, in this sense, the largest guild of poets from all over the orb.

Membership in Poets of the World is voluntary and totally free. Its main objective is: to turn the word into a message of universal peace and protection to the environmental balance of our threatened planet.

Luis Arias Manzo with the World President, Sujit Mukherjee, of Poets of the World, in Italy in 2019