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15 Jan 2022


Born in Barreirinhas, in the interior of Amazonas, De Mello has been considered one of the great Brazilian poets. His works were translated into more than thirty languages, but among all of them undoubtedly the most famous was 'Os Estatutos do Homem (The Statutes of Man)'.

"It is decreed that now the truth is worth, now life is worth, and, from given hands, we will all march for true life," reads the first of the 14 "poetic articles" of the work, a classic of Brazilian poetry.

De Mello was also an editor, journalist and diplomat. He worked in media opposed to the government of Getúlio Vargas and was a cultural diplomat in Bolivia and Chile, but his career was interrupted by the military coup in 1964.

His stance against the dictatorship forced him to spend almost a decade in exile, in countries such as Argentina, Portugal and Chile, and he became close friends with the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, from whom he translated one of his anthologies into Portuguese.

At the FLIPORTO Festival, held in Porto de Galinhas, in the State of Pernambuco in 2008, he was named "Honorary Ambassador of the Poets of the World Movement", a diplomatic-poetic position that Thiago de Melo accepted with honor. The appointment was given to him personally by the founder and Secretary General of the movement, the Chilean poet Luis Arias Manzo.

HEADER PHOTO: Deth Haak, Luis Arias Manzo, Delasnieve Daspet, Thiago de Melo in Fliporto from Porto de Galinhas,, Brazil.