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08 Oct 2013


SERBIA: 50th International Writers’ Assembly, organized by the Association of Writers of Serbia, was held in Belgrade from 19/09/2013 until 25/09/2013. A traditional and respectable literary event, which main task now is, like many other institutions and valuable things, especially in culture, to survive, to not stop existing (until a better time comes, if it comes).
It must be said that was  very modest, in the material sense. However, in a special way it was beautiful as well because in the times of deprivation, writers’ effort and success to acknowledge the importance and power of words and exchange opinions are, somehow, noticed better and, therefore, more appreciated. As part of the Assembly I organized (20/09/2013) and hosted an evening of poetry titled WITH POETRY FOR PEACE.
That night 14 writers from 10 countries attended the event: Richard Berengarten (United Kingdom), Yusuf Alper (Turkey), Elena Buevich (Ukraine), Maja Vidmar (Slovenia), Gagik Davtyan (Armenia) - member of Poetas of the Movimiento del Mundo, Grzegorz Latusinski (Poland), Valerio Orlic (Croatia), Manojle Gavrilovic (Serbia) - member of the Movimiento Poetas del Mundo, Bichang Xu (China) , Wang Lichun (China) , Yang Zhihui (China), Ljubica Miletic (Serbia) , Babken Simonjan (Armenia) - ambassador of the Movimiento Poetas del Mundo in Armenia, Anar Rzayev (Azerbaijan) - president of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan and Duska Vrhovac, Ambassador of the Movimiento Poetas del Mundo in Serbia.
Duska Vrhovac and Richard Berengarten spoke about jeopardised peace in the world today and the need for poetry and literature in general to constantly be on the side of peace, to advocate for co-operation and understanding among the people and nations and to resist to any kind of conflict and war...
Duska Vrhovac - Serbia
Vicepresidente - Europa