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09 Jun 2011


CHILE-Chillán: Sunday February 20, around noon, a delegation of the universal organization of the World Poets , headed by President and Founder, the poet Luis Arias Manzo, arrived at the Plaza de Armas de Chillán, to leave their evidence of commitment to the province and deliver the humanistic message that inspires the principles of defense and adherence to a planet threatened. The group consists of 17 writers from different countries and continents, he was greeted by some intellectuals who attended the chillaneja fraternal meeting, the first stop of his trip called Road to the south and that included a roaming started in Santiago de Chile, Lebu, Temuco , Angol, Isla de Chiloe and Lake District, among other things.

In the brief tour of Chillán, the poets visited El Diario Discusión, where they were cordially received by journalist Pedro Vicario, who represented the Director of medium,Russel Cabrera, greeted the visitors, taking their messages through that opening brief talks expressed by Luis Arias Manzo, and on behalf of their respective countries, each one handed, basing the motivations that fuel an enthusiastic endeavor for the destiny of humanity, amid a climate of insensitivity to impose the depletion of natural resources, social injustice and the constant military disasters arising from political intolerance and economic interests.

Among the local writers present were: The cultural transmission of our Bio-Bio, writer Luis Frankzinet, Richard Pincheira, manager of the cultural organization Chillán Active, the poet Alejandra Contreras, part of the decentralization movement Poetics, poet Alicia Perez, a member of Poets The World, The Diffusion cultural, academic language and writer Carlos René Ibache and poet and professor Luis Contreras, who welcomed the Poets of the World, which is an integral movement. In the words of welcome expressed gratitude for the visit, praised the courage to establish and sustain a worldwide organization that defends human interests, through the use of the creative word and livelihoods of artistic beauty that is able to raise against the dangers that surround our collective life. In the words of congratulations to everyone and especially the writer Arias Manzo, praised the immense value of this rigorous work that is done without external support or government, strengthened only by the willingness to place the poetic word as a civilizing tool and clear way contribute to peace, freedom and coexistence in a world equal to everyone.

Later Poets of the World and hosts, shared a typical lunch in the City Market to continue its course towards the south, with the message of his poetry multiplier

PHOTO: Poets of the Delegation pose with the poets of Chillán before traveling \'road to the South\'

Luis Contreras Jara*, Cónsul de chillán de PPdM:

Publication: 03-03-2011

Translated by_Traducido por Candida Pedersen

Noticias culturales - Antologia de Grandes Poetas -

Poema de solidaridad con mis hermanos mapuches:

La mujer mapuche
Autora Cándda Pedersen

La mujer mapuche
es una bella melodía
como una linda flor
que pide justicia
para crecer en una
preciosa primavera
de libertad,
sin tener que sentirse
prisionera del dolor
con el profundo llanto
de una cruel discriminación.

El Pueblo Mapuche
son manos que trabajan
con sudor y sin descanso
por la Tierra