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Gabriel Oluwaseun

Gabriel Oluwaseun

Consul of Nigeria's AKURE STATE

I am a graduate of English and Literary Studies from the University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. I am a Christian from Ondo State, Nigeria. I am in my late thirties. I am a creative writer with a burning passion to transform the world through the power of penmanship. My writings cut across all the genres of literature, but poetry has been my focus lately. I write poems to express my viewpoints on sundry issues concerning humanity. My membership of Poetasdelmundo, if favourably ratified, would afford me the privilege of using your reputable platform to advance worthy causes for the betterment of humanity.

Poetasdelmundo is a veritable platform to reach out to the world through elegant and sound poetry. Hence, I am willing to contribute my humble quota to the development of poetry in a global dimension. I, as a budding poet, shall always be a good consul of Poetasdelmundo.




 Hopes rise with the dawn

 Of an immaculate day.


 Faith soars at the sight

 Of the orange morning sun.


 Peace blows with the breeze

 So salubrious for the feasting of weary souls.


For dewdrops of memories we so cherish to stay and the vista of  Bliss we crave to come, our feet must stray not from this  Path; it's the sure way to go.


 The psychedelic shimmer

 On the ocean's face under

 The moonlit night is a tale

 Full of hope and strength

 In a muted broadcast.


 This is the way go;

 success speaks volumes

 Even in clandestine modes, but vainglory manifests in noisy barrels of destruction.


 The way to go is paved with The gold of patience and the  Silver of courage.


 Let no stump of unbelief

 Trip your resolve to walk Through as a badge of Honour awaits you at the End.


 ©Gabriel Oluwaseun



 (This is actually my favourite poem)


No dream is too big to Achieve.

No distance is too long to Cover.

And no gloom is too thick for

Light to dispel.

 Only a wavering heart gets Stuck in the miry path of Destiny.

A starry night calls to mind

The small mercies that Abound amidst the vast  Vicissitudes of life.


You behold the stars up there,

Wishing to hold one in your

Eager hands.


But the star you wish to hold

Is so close, nay, closer than You think.


You're a star in your Generational firmament;  A city founded on a hill,  Which cannot be hidden.


 Why not shine forth in all

 The splendour bestowed on

 You by the Supernal Light?


 For every star that shines

 Far away, there's one so Close. And that's you, me and Everyone who believes in Lighting up this dark world of  Ours with the power from on  High.



 (Another preferred/favourite poem of mine)


 In my quest for comfort,

 I stumbled on truth eternal.

  This truth I can't keep to Myself, but spread to all the Corners of the world.

  Even as I walk through the Labyrinthine maze of life,  The truth remains Beauteously etched in gold  Upon my heart.

  The truth is knowing the Source of peace, and not the Sauce of peas.

  It's doing the will of God, and Not the bidding of the gods.

  It's loving your neighbours as Yourself, and not lusting after Them.

  It's forgiving and forgetting The wrongs done to you, and Not fomenting and fossilizing Evils.

  It's lending a helping hand to The needy, and not amassing Wealth just to be greedy.

  When all these virtues are Embraced, and the vices Eschewed, then peace like a River shall surface.

  The comfort we seek shall Burst forth with a fluvial flow,  Quenching all thirst with a Knockout blow.


 ©Gabriel Oluwaseun



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