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Kae Morii
The Sun

Celestial Epic has already lost the harmony
Man kind in the great distress

The suns voice shuts me out
Yet high noon sun remains over me
Grief is in a seed of wheat
The sun is too fiery to bear wheat

The white dove rise up into the sky
Tracing the light around the sun
Though its a fantasy of mine
Doves keep flying
Till the end



L'Epope Cleste a dj perdu son harmonie,
Humanit plonge dans une immense dtresse.

La voix de lastre du jour mempche de regarder,
Midi suprme tombe sur moi,
Le chagrin est dans le grain de bl,
Le soleil est trop ardent pour faire pousser la petite graine.

La colombe blanche monte haut dans le ciel,
Elle laisse des traces la lumire autour du disque de feu,
Simples cratures de ma fantaisie,
Les colombes continuent leur vol
Jusqu' la fin.

Kae Morii
Translated into French by Athanase Vantchev de Thracy
Paris, France

Piano on Sea Ground

As you finger with me
My melody is sighing for you
To listen to the harmony
Im waiting how you play

As you voice me
My string is vibrating in love
To find the code
At a sheet of lonesome waters

As you sound me
The deep sigh is rolling in my hand
To tone with the peace
Im waiting what you play

Till the dawn
I wish it will be fine tomorrow


Omar is a boy of five in bed
To his death his pale is swollen up
Big lumps on his eyes shut the light

The curative for the leukemia is limited by severe check
As it might be used for chemical weapon
Chemical weapon?
His mothers breast is threatening to burst

Depleted uranium bomb

Childrens graves spread out to serious misgiving

Bounding Over Sea

A white yacht is bounding over waves
The beautiful scenery
Likely a rider on horse is galloping
In the country
The sea is joyful fortress

As if
Playing over and over the tragedy in the Hamlets Castle

Viewing the Merchants harbor
I have thought of the cargos.

The sea is blue isolated island

A rotted boat sitting in the beautiful inlet

Seaweeds swaying

Like pianists fingers flowing on the keyboards
It rises up the silence

In the afternoon of suffering sun with sweat
A sea breeze stimulates my skin
I guess the shadow of island and curse the storm

Sea is the mist which can swallow the silence
The fragrance of spring would wither away at once

In the bottom of the sea
The more vast mountains than the Himalayas

Sea is the coffin
In which waves laughing cold lie down

Along shining dawn
The morning starts to glide

The sea is rose cheeks
Interlacing my slender fingers with a rope
To the new port
It opens the sea routes


Touch me not!
Flowers redden a nail is blooming in flame

From marine blue ocean
The gentle sounds of waves to wash white sand

In my illusion of the hill
A bomb blast flattened down a banyan tree
For reflection light
An innocent boy soldier turns around and told

It was a peaceful island here
Surprised Napoleon
The bright history of people who didnt have weapons
Basil Hall wrote in
The great Ryukyu island voyage exploration note

I was wretched like a deserted child
The description of Admiral Perry Okinawa visit

The warmth and chilliness among two letters

To the direction shown by a compass
Red petals fluttering down
Sounding sadly of the sea in my closed eyes


Yan told me
That the rainbow is auguring ill

No one running up the rainbow can return

Fine evening after a rain
Shinning green leaves

Threads of spider is glistening with silver

Rainbow is beautiful
Its because of brilliance through prism
The music of the celestial sphere spilled from golden water jar
Yan closed his ears lonely

Say, Yan
Wont you go with me?

Before lost the semicircle drawn in the sky

Because the dusk closes to us

Beside You

I am a bird of you
What song do you like?
Flying, I cant sing for you
Lovely voice
You shall listen to

I am wind of you
How can you embrace me?
Breezing, I might take away
Or to your ear
Soft voice
I might be whispering

I am an apple of you
What is yours present, I think of
Ripening, I feel fresh air
And love
Joyful voice
It shall be best of you


I kiss birds in a drowse
I kiss contours of trees to clear
I kiss a bead of dew on cornflower

I kiss a forehead of obsidian
I kiss a lip of hibiscus
I kiss a breast of grandeur ground

I kiss reason rising up
I kiss elegy sunk in your heart
The depth of you
The secret of birth

I kiss you
The moment
The sun kisses the sea

To the world of Nuclear Zero
- from Hiroshima and Nagasaki-

What happened on 6th August 1945?
640meter above the earth
A-bomb Little Boy was run into Hiroshima town
Awful pillar of flashed up fire
Burst citizens to annihilation
Outcry and the lost bodies in blast furnace 6000 ℃
Eyeballs hanging from eyelids
People asked for a water dragging their burned skins
People wandered around the earth polluted the lethal ash and the black rain
The river of Hiroshima is flooded with the humans sorrow

Even now 65 years later, many cancers are increasing
The fear of death by the absurd

Who can say it to the victims that A-bomb was run to cease the war?

A Moment of Silence
―against the second drop on 9th August 1945.

Why did it need?
The first A-bomb was great lethal beyond their expectation
With one push on the bottom
To cease the War

Three days after they knew the hell in Hiroshima
The second A-bomb 'Fat Man' was run into Urakami Cathedral in Nagasaki
A moment ripped the human reason
Nagasaki town was gone up with the flash and
Many Christians groaned up against the human original sin

Oh, miserable! The burned face of the blessed Mary
The radiation scare engraved in her heart
The Prayer Bell broken in a moment of silence
With the thin breath of burned people
With the last tear of prayers
―for human sin

Prayer in lethal ash
Oh, whats tragedy of human being!
Was it the truth A-bombed was fallen to cease the War?

Scientists receive the report
The success of their technical innovation
The death in Hiroshima is more than 120,000 people
The death in Nagasaki is more than 75,000 people

Is it truth that the A-bombs were fallen to cease the War?
The nuclear weapon has been produced more forcing the lethal power

In Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan
More than 450 times of nuclear tests had repeated for 40 years and
More than 1,200,000 people are A-bombed

In Polynesia
More than 190 times of nuclear tests have repeated

At the presence more than 20,000 A-bombs stay in our planet
More than 2,000,000 people are A-bombed and suffering with cancer
Our planet may lie in the dust for a few minutes
Hope human to awaking reason and resounding of the response
With the Prayer Bell of Nagasaki
To realize the Nuclear Zero in 2020!

Children in the Bethlehem

Christmas Eve in lightening up
Joyful children with the gifts in the world

Here, Bethlehem,
Holding misgivings, children stare at the rifle of soldiers
who guard against terrorists along the street,
at the check points, upon of the watch towers.

The graves of children killed by shot
From the shadow, the young soldier cant escape forever.

In holly night, silent night, of the Nativity Church
ringing and celebrating the birth
Mournfully with the star
which stares at children walking to sell their sweet

Sheepherders field

Oh, Bethlehem!
The sheepherders field!

The seep must carefully walk along the zigzag barriers
Not to shed their blood by the sharp knives
Not to touch the electric shock

After they escaped from the barriers to close them

The seep must carefully cross the road
Not to be killed by cars in the city
Not to be driven off from capitalism

The sheep cant cry to fear themselves away from the earth

Admiration for Global Citizen

We are living in one planet of the earth
All people wish peace
And justice to share grief, joy
To respect human right and law

We are living in other places of the earth
All people wish peace
And better future to be handed
To next generation without wars

Kae Morii

Kae Morii Short Biograph

Address: Tsuyama, Tamado1020-296 Chikusei, Ibaraki
Japan 3080847
Tel&Fax: 0296-28-0243
E-mail: moriikae@ybb.ne.jp
Biography: Given birth in Osaka on 20th January
Keio Univ. BA. Poet, Teacher
Poetry collectionA Red Currant published in 1997 by Doyobijutsu publisher
Poetry collectionHomage to the light published in 2003 by Doyobijutsu publisher
Poetry and art collection The light of lapis lazuli Collaboration with Kojin Kudo [member of Academy], published in 2003 by Biken International
Poetry collection The Wind with Me in 2006 Mongolia by Dr. Mend-Ooyo
Poetry collection Over the Endless Night in 2008 by Yusurika pubulisher
Poetry collection Cabbage Field & Wind Power Generators in 2008 by Dumitru
Publication: Annual poetry books and magazines in Japan
Nepal-Japan poem collections, Introduced in U.S.A., Korea, Taiwan, Greece Mongolia, France etc.
World Poetry, Almanac, Moon Light of Corea,
Anthology of Terre de poetes terre de paix,
News paper in Taiwan and Greece,
Poetry CD Sporting Words in U.S.A. with Poet Laureates
Participation in International Poetry Congress:
WCP in Korea 2004, WCP in LA 2005, WCP in Mongolia 2006
WCP in India 2007,
Poetry Festival with Laureate Poets in U.S.A. 2007
Poetry Festival International de la Poesie a Paris 2007
     Poetry Festival International Curtea De Arges Poetry Nights 2008
     Poetry Festival International Struga Poetry Evenings 2008
WCP in Acapluco 2008,
     WCP in Hungary 2009
Award of Fairy tale 1998
Award of poetry education 1999
Award of literature in Mongolia 2006
Nominated in the Art prize of Curtea de Arges 2008
Award of poetry contest WCP in Acapulco, prize winner 2008
Award of Korean literature 2008
Award of poem WCP in Taiwan, 2010
She organized, Peace on Earth project, 2010
Member of Japan Poet Club, WAAC, WPS, IWA, GHA



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