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Matei Monica

Matei Monica

Matei Monica, Morii 54 Street, Onesti; Judet Bacau, Romania. 

Always poems gives useful insides about life, living, joy of the world. It is the happiness of life, life of yourself, life of the planet through mind, heart and entire work is done. The love to write poems, the work made beside means a brief connection ahead. Poems to read, poems to reflect …. adding reflections around for a better world. For sure, words are covering our existence alongside a wide world.


As you said…

As you done….

Happy, world ahead , I Found Red Rose.

I found creation in me…, creation in love,

creation-love, love-creation,

In those that makes the life a destiny,

‘The Life of Poems’,

Adding thoughts and work for knowledge…..

                                         for understanding,

                                         for attention and style,

thinking that another view

should appear into daily thinking,

a continuous search

in life’s beauty…. with happy around,

                            ever and over into me. 


I found Red Rose flying into my soul, ..….

                            covering my heart,

                            to make a destiny in front,

shapes ever and over;

knowledge of pure life….

in a full circle of real creation.


I found Red Rose,

every season, always look pointed,

coming from the deepest heart of creation.





Thought. ….. What I love!

( for the rest of the life ….)

By Matei Monica.


I measure my life, with the work I do, ….

in meters of love, meters of search.

Seeing where I am, where I can be…..

how to live, how to work better as what

I have is a great gift. A great gift around the heart,

shaking the life…… what you can have !!!


I count my desires,  ….

in rhyme of poems. Life is challenge,

life is dignity! Love around!


I fell the heart beat…. life is so precious in nature, ,

in rhythm of good. Creation is around,

Serenity or maybe a deep search!


I add to the life emptiness…. solutions,

every day .… myself in a continuous

desire for life’s existence!


I love you sky…. ( a place to see )

and, perhaps I found words in the

deepest blue. Thoughts, to add movements

in laws of physics, continuity in nature creation

Silence…. Colors …..Beauty….


I love you earth, …..( a place to be )

and, perhaps I search for colors,

into continuous love and patience through…..

years of pain….photos to give insides,

silence to the heart, show mel ove of creation.


I love what I am,

and, perhaps I will write for ever,

pictures to make, adding a clue…..

….poems of love and success in life.

Read my poems…and tell me what

….you think!




Moments …in Frame.

( shaking delight and words ahead …. )

By Matei Monica.


All the good… makes me to frame it,

( what around is….. into the deepest heart….. )

…into the photos mind, wide soul,

having thoughts to made,

love to share…

or songs to write. Delight or moments

around, to fly into the feelings,

to cover the blue sky, to add feelings….

A frame made through entire life,

..no matter if sorrows have wings.

It is life and ever a life for destiny!


I work for my moment in time,

finding that work …..value all the best.

I hold a moment, to enjoy the colors…..ever!

All the good, an ark of unity!


Are loud words? ( up in the sky )

Soul can find love in every moment,  

seeking silence—

in the deepest pause of heart.

In silence soul is rising, in good soul is wide,

rising as the eagle’s wing in the air,

See it …in …. clear view in good light! 


You may listen, words to share

in the language of silence, words of good !!!


A moment in frame---

Always when good

Covering the Earth, Life is a beauty!




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