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Chang Te-pen / 張徳本

Chang Te-pen / 張徳本

Chang Te-pen(b. 1952), native Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is the Director of Taiwan Literary Celebrity Foundation, a well- known expert in creative writing, critic in literary, arts and movies fields, and a resident author and lecturer of literature workshops, critic of Kaohsiung Film Archive. His publications of contemporary poetry and essay include “Garden of the Future”, “Swimming is Our Living Sea” and others, some of his works have been selected into various anthologies published in Taiwan, Japan and United States. His great work "The Target of Successive Generations" is an epic with two thousand and five hundred lines written in Taiwanese language depicting Taiwan's history in dialectics and virtuosity.  Some of his poems have been translated into English and published in Poem Hunter.




In galaxy and Nebulae / 佇銀河星雲


In galaxy and nebulae

Mirrors the deep and lustrous

Kind of planet

Reflecting its alike twins

Already existing for trillion generations

The trillion light years beyond the universe and outer space


In galaxy and nebulae

Matters not a day-time or a night

The planets distributed the gravity without right or wrong

Flying stones, dusts and rocks drifting without gain or loss

Nebula alternating its light and dark in deep outburst

The instant birth and death of meteor’s collision


In galaxy and nebulae

Every moment is like this life

Setting forth the human in earth

The future is an unpredictable journey

Subsisting in a spacecraft with constant temperature

The heading direction beyond cold and hot


In galaxy and nebulae

Sperm and ovum combining the continuation of embryo

Youth withered in flight

Life a newborn in flight

Soaring further to a deep and gloomy milky way

The difference of love and hate gradually become vague 


In galaxy and nebulae

The countless stars flashing high in universe

Dodging a farewell, separation is beyond the countless light years

Suddenly find one like the twin of earth

A new birth or a casting shadow ?

The contradiction of lonesomeness and intimacy entangled in an encounter


      An Age Neither Awake Nor Asleep / 袜袂當醒袜袂當睏的時代


It’s an age either for one can eat or drink

Also an age not to awakes, neither for asleep


It’s an age either for the disguised or for the non-ashamed

Also an age to persist not, neither to forsake


It’s an age either for exploitation or for distortion

Also an age not for rebellion, neither for allegiance


It’s an age either for self-profane or for sanctity

Also an age neither free nor self-caged


It’s an age either benevolent or cruel

Also an age not for liberation, neither for conservative


It’s an age either for exaggeration or for arguments

Also an age neither for precipitation nor for silence


It’s an age either for Taiwan or China

Also an age not to localize neither to globalize


It’s an age either for crying or laughing

Also an age not to involve, neither to depart


It’s an age either for karaoke or nonsense

Also an age neither to say No nor OK


Being pondered of what the age will be

A constant voice asked

“As well what are you in the age ?”



Swim is Our Living Sea / 泅是咱的活海


How many hill tops tapped by history

How many heads were chopped?

Dropping into the ravine

Nobody knows


History floating over the sea

The salinity of blood and tears

Melting in the waves

Nobody knows


The creeping vine of history

Maltreat the winding soul of wrongly accused

The seed lost its life experiences

Nobody knows


Sail the ship of history

No harbor to land

The past that we can’t tell

Nobody knows


Nobody knows its name--the island of history

Like the sika* captured

Like the whale killed

The people competed to make names                              

But names unknown to their own


The wrongly treated history

The tolerant spine of the island

The cumulative months and years

Resentment of the fossil


Unknown the future and when

Turnover of a big earthquake

Once to sway the fish tail

The more swinging the farther the island


The destiny of the whales, big or small

Just keep on swimming

Keep on swimming is our living sea

That everyone should know


The opposite shop (People Republic of China)

Boiling a pot of oil at any time

Anyone was detained

Throwing in the pot frying a dead fish


*Sika: Formosan Deer




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