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Huang Teng Fei / 黃騰輝

Huang Teng Fei / 黃騰輝

Huang Teng Fei (b.1931) was graduated from Soochow University of Taiwan majoring in Law. From a reporter, a teacher, and a successful businessman, he reflects the early stage of Taiwanese spirit. He not only demonstrated the talent in writing, but also in business. He was the president of Mitsubishi-Elevator in Taiwan and the chairman of Elevator Association. He is the publisher of Li Poetry Magazine for more than forty years and a consultant of Taiwan Modern Poetry Association.


        Seclusion / 隱居


Without time of watch and clock

Without days and nights of calendar

Even though there are many worries

I get through them by myself with openness


Quit from the secularity

For the secular world can’t accommodate me?

Or I don’t want to become skinny in the secularity?


I am not unwilling to listen to Buddha and meditate

But only leisurely enjoy alone the remaining sunset

Tasting silence, interpreting solitude

Needn’t to count how old of the cursory world



       The Ruled / 被統治者


Scraped off scales, cut open belly, slanted slice, cast salt

No matter how oppressed by what posture

I can’t have any cries for torture


Steam, boil, fry, roast, as you desire

Soft flesh of fish for you devour

Hard bones kept away, for you bite not


At least, remain a pair of eyes at you I glare

Perhaps someday

The salted fish you made might arise from decay


        Hometown Amnesia / 故鄉失憶症


Tofu-like rezoning districts

Shattering the fragmental homesickness


When the highway cut through the waist

Perceived the weight of foreign economy footstep

The new railway about to run through the heart

Making brokers believe on the field they can plant bank note


Moved in the density of city population

The fragile un-sophistication

Encounter the sophistic broker

Rapidly, scenery, green and leisure, fall in as an answer


Remember the year of drought, the fields we watered with tears

Were poured in cements

The fields ever planted childhood and memories

Were inserted steels


The mixed fertilizer of sweats, toils, and loves

Were dug out from the earth by the bulldozers

Buildings and buildings heavily press the hometown’s chest

Restrain its breaths


The shaped streetscapes

Are strange and lead to loss

Foreign languages submerge the gentle and moderate mother tongues

Birthmark of the wide-brimmed rain hats, hoes and buffaloes

All disappeared without any traces


Deeply keeping a treasured map in heart

I still got lost

Oh! Hometown!

Where can you be found?











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