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Chuang Chin-kuo

Chuang Chin-kuo(b. 1948) started writing poems at the age of 17.  He has served in news media community for years and a special reporter for “New Taiwan Weekly”.  He keeps writing stories about outstanding local people to present a positive image of Taiwanese.  His published books of poetry include “Homeland and Tomorrow”,  “The notes on the Stone” and “The Turning Year”. 

Poems by Chuang Chin-kuo



        The Person in Dreaming


On his upper body

several pages of newspaper

unfolded as a quilt

while his lower body

bent and knelt like

an Arab in worshipping Allah

with his head buried in hands.

As his wandering expression on the face concealed

he showed indifference to the hurried footsteps

coming to and fro the underpass.

When I went by the underground passage again

the place was empty

but found him on a bench in the waiting room

with his head bowed

some traces of saliva remain on the corners of his mouth.




        About Conscience


After a whole day’s sprint

he yawned to sleep.


He was chased by acutus on a sudden in his dream

after ninety-nine paces of seeking refuge

ended with a scream

he fell down into the deep canyon.


He can’t help but sweat as soon as waking up

in touching the spot kissed by the snake.

Yesterday’s accident just crossed his mind

yet it doesn’t go away.


On an unknown road

a galloping car knocked down an old lady

who extended out of her toothless mouth

with a snake’s  tongue.



        Good Kid


Good Kid


Be a Good Kid

Be obedient to your parents

Follow your teachers

Listen to what the adults and the elderly say

They are correct

Even if they are wrong

Just be wrong

No one will be blamed


Good Kid


Be a Good Kid

Look at the upturned faces

Look at the downturned faces

They all look the same

Meek and tame


Neither intention nor thought

Neither mobility nor unrest


Good Kid


Be a Good Kid



        Six Turtles’ Legend


Ready or not?

The Mountain with eighteen Arhats sitting cross-legged

faces the sunset in practicing the breathing exercise

blushed, and on the opposite bank

Six-Turtles mountain is narcissistic

swallowing clouds here and spitting mists over there

occasionally stretching a little bit

playing with the pebbles in Lao-nong River

A lot of irregular stones distribute over riverbed

asking  to each other about origin

It is said that the upstream has bee severely corrupted

even the bridge towards the orphanage totally ruined

The newly-built rainbow bridge bows day and night

Waiting for flood from the high mountain

For the stones flow down from the mountain

Just like the life of every orphan



        The Coral Reef Of Takao


The aerial roots of the old banyan were entwined.

The rock suspended from the slope

It is said to have rolled down from the Fairy Mountain.

Another rock was cracked up into the open space of Takao.

Like a still drum

Guarding the saline lake.

Fishermen would give several taps on it when passing by.

They called it Takao Rock.


When the Flag of the Sun was hoisted, the open space was blown up.

Before ships entered the port, Takao Rock was blown up.

No reef was allowed to wreck anything in the water course.

The broken pieces that were salvaged

Became pike-toothed stones.


They could be smashed into limes to make cements and

To be mixed with sands to become smooth walls.


The coral reefs at the bottom of the sea have risen up

And extended to every grove of cement.




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