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Filip Dimkoski

Born in june 27th. 1995 in Prilep, Macedonia, have been writing from 8 years of age. He is author of  book for kids  ,,Moist nutritious words, gifts  from child\'s soul,,. Was rewarded for  publishing from Literary club ,,Stale Popov,, in Bitola. Participated at  many competitions, festivals, poetry evenings, etc. Love so much to read and to write. His bigest inspiration is nature. Although he only writes, he loves music, theater, ballet, folklore, art, cinema. They give sense to the life.

He has many national and international awards (over 50):

-International award at ,,Struga poetry evenings,, as youngest participant, and award for  fostering Macedonian contemporary poetry.

-International award (First place)  from poetry at International literary festival ,,Janos Siveri,, in Novi Sad, Serbia

-International award as most talented young participant at ,,Poetry evenings in Melnik,, Bulgaria.

-International award at ,,Researchers night,, for esay in Bitola, Macedonia.

-Award from  poetry at child\'s literary  festival ,,Rakatki,,

- First place from competitions ,, The war are long revenge,,

His  poetry  has been published at miscellanies: ,,Glasovi,, Macedonian-Greek) , ,,Poetsko Markukule,, (2010 and 2011), ,,Rakatki,, (2009 and 2010) and in  newspapers and magazines as ,,Zenit,, , Nova Makedonija,,etc. He was a guest at TV shows on Macedonian Radio and Television, Alfa TV, ,,,. For him is recorded TV show from ,,Trinity,, production, which is  broadcast on TV at more Televisions in Macedonia ( Skopje, Tetovo, Ohrid, Bitola, Kavadarci, Strumica).

Apart with poetry, he is working in journalism (on TV, Radio and newspapers). At the moment he cooperates with Daily newspaper ,,Nova Makedonija,, (the first Macedonian newspaper from 1944)


The Loch

I sit on the loch banks.

leakness with the  break of dawn disappears,

sluggishly, the nature is awake

behind the distant mountains,

the Sun bathes in the crimson of its make.


Mesmerizing, yet calm and still,

shivering waves are asleep

in peace I breathe, fearful

its calmness might be wavered by my breaths

robbing it from peace in full.


Here I am at the banks still,

my thoughts squandered,

tranquility, are thou possible

in the deepest deeps and midst,

under surface unmarred?


How untrue that is!

In midst of its depths,

the loch bursts with life

it sucks and grows

on the fountains od Mother Earth,

and as long  as it feeds

on springs and rivers flowing,

there will be no end to its dunamic birth.

Each little ripple on the surface,

holds a history within, whispering the story

of a fisherman sailing with grace,

of a globetrotter in distress,

that with its waters bathe his face.


Gazing at the loch horizon,

beauty fills my soul,

I  pant and feel,

Spirits of Miladinov and Prlicev in my veins,

Their words in me instill.


Inspiration overwhelms me,

love for words ripening,

poetry omens my soul,

like a glittering star in the  sky

vowing me to never be foul.


                                                 Filip Dimkoski,

Prilep, Macedonia




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