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Imre Prince Zsoldos
There Are Moements

There are matchless moments
When I believe very frimly:
The dying light puts a knife
In my hand: many moments,
When I think that at the rays
Of surging stars soft-winged
Birds buil nest in the twigs
Of placid promegranate trees!
Jupiter's holy birds carouse
Damping the doldrums of my
Spirits but still do dazzle me
With the spark of their quill!
We cannot compete with them.
Your scrutinizing, furtive look,
Timidly filtered rosy fine smile
Fall flat in wexing Weltschmerz,
This is the last act, you mumble
In your scarf as if your voice
Would come from a chimney.
Alas, doleful news reaches us:
Somebody fell off from the high
Firmament of our friendship!

Breathe Peace
Breathe peace to the leaves of the trees in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Let them be angels, heralds, messengers of this badly needed treasure on earth, in our time when people plausibly do have nothing else in their heart, but awesome anger, vengeance, rate-aided rancor. Let the enitre world hear that without peace nothng can exist, flourish, prosper, survive. Breathe peace in all the seasons!

Breathe peace to the mounts, the highest elevations on earth enabling and mandating them to be sturdy sentinels with their radar-eyes, eagerly peeping the peaks of peace in the pitch-dark heart's core of such people who cannot forgive, cannot forget and are a hindrance to peace and first rate irate snobes, cruel, cantankerous combatants of whatever other peaceful peaple want or long for. The deepest craving in our human heart is Peace. Breathe peace everywhere, breathe peace to the peaky, majestic mountains.

Breathe peace to the winds, hurricanes, tropical cyclones, typhoons, monsoons and tell them to hip, hip, hurrah and do stop to blow unrestrained,otherwise we will all perish in wars, hatred, greed, jealousy, loathing, horrid hostility, malice, terrorism, fear. The soft breeze of peace can still save us and soothe our wounds of mistrust, morose moods of depression, dissension, wariness, skepticism, scruple, tormenting each other with biting ill treat. Breathe peace to all the part of the wo5rld. Let the breeze of peace pacify us and bring us promising perspectives, cheers!

Ma vie tourdie

Ocan et jungle,
Clace et feu,
Dans un amalgame, je suis les deux.
Point d'interrogation, tabou cach,
Pur espoir, vain rsidu,
Une goutte matinale; frche de rose,
Qui veut tre avidement absorbe
Par des rayons chauds de l'aube
Pour vivre utilement; vivre ternellement:

Ocan et jungle,
Glace et feu,
Dans un amalgame, je suis tous les deux,
Dans un amalgame, je suis tous les deux

Imre Prince Zsoldos

N en Hongrie, le 16 avril 1931,
Etude de philosophie, Eger. 1953-1956.
Refugi du communisme en Hongrie, le 3 dc.1956
Etude de Germain et thologie;
Wien, Autriche, 1956-1960
Etude de la langue et littratures franaises, Paris, Sorbonne, 1960-1964.
Etude de la langue chinoise,
Hsinchu, Chabanel Institut, 1964-65.
Fondateur du Dpt.franais de
L'Universit Fujen, Taiwan, professeur de franais, 1965!67.
Etude d'anglais et de linguistique, Universit Georgetown, Wash. DC. 1967-72.
Directeur du Dpt: franais et professeur l'Universit
Fujen, Taiwan jusqu'aujourd'hui.



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