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Hend Fayez Abuenein
In memorial of our 9/11

On November 9th, 2005, suicide bombers wrecked the peacefulness of the Jordanian capital Amman. Three explosions shook hotels around the city - a forth failed to explode - leaving 68 dead and many more injured for life. 57 of those who died had come to attend a wedding party in one of the attacked hotels.
May their souls rest in peace.

When walls start raining blood
And grooms bury their dead,
Pretty brides blush no more
Their gowns are stained by flesh,
Too white for a black day.

When roses mix with glass
Shattered by storms of fear,
When hails and cheers give way
To wails and screams of pain,
Proud men weep like babies.

How dare they steal our peace!
How dare they kill our dreams!
Forge our faith and claim our souls
Then walk away without remorse
And still call us brethren.

They claim to have reason
They claim to share our faith.
Can they tell sweet Dina [*]
Why she could not be nine?
No, they have no answers.

Tell her 'boogie man said so'!
'You're better off dead' even!
Not far from the truth, either.
Those who live to remember
Live in boogie man's back yard.

Some have lost their dearest.
Others kept souvenirs,
Shrapnel under their ribs,
Splinters inside their skulls,
And dark, haunting memories.

[*] Dina was the youngest of the victims of that night. She died at eight.


A Bird Sings and a Poet Grieves; Robaeyat.

Bird of Eden, let's share our grief.
Restless fate is a heartless thief,
You sing in vain, I rhyme my pain
Till we fall, like an autumn leaf.

Bird of Eden, come hear my pain.
Hear me out with out disdain,
Thirty years I've roamed this land,
Watching life grow more insane.

It's not home, this blessed land,
The skies are dry, from where I stand.
Yet you hum and sing your heart
As roundly goes the hour hand.

Though we share our grief at heart
You and I are bound to part.
Though you're lost until you die
You'll find home, the after part.

What say I, who dreads to die?
My fear grows stronger, by and by.
I know at heart what waits my soul
No further than a blink of an eye.

It will burn, this poor doomed soul,
Trapped in a grave of a dark deep hole.
All the faults and sins I bear
Will burn my soul like ember coal.

All my wickedness shown bare,
The book of deeds will not spare,
When all my kin will disown me,
For all will have their ample share.

I know that day will find me
Bound in guilt, as guilt can be.
Then all the poetry and rhymes
Won't buy me the Lord's mercy.

Bird of Eden, let's share these rhymes.
May our prayers wash our crimes.
Join me friend, as I will pray,
Like you have, A thousand times.

God Almighty, hear me pray.
Forgive me Lord, I ran astray,
Forgive this poor wicked slave,
The times I fell the Demon's prey.

This life I lived your willful slave,
Praised you for all the goods you gave.
I chose you to be my Lord,
Until the day I see my grave

I know my faith will save me, Lord.
I believe in your just reward.
My faith will erase my grief.
My peace of mind will be restored.


The Rain and I

It's raining again

The rain and I have one thing in common
We keep falling

We just keep falling

First time I fell
I hurt my self so bad
All the years went by
And I still remember.

Second time,
Well . then somebody else was hurt
I still feel for him
Regret . remorse perhaps,
Sorry was never my favorite word.

But the last time was hell
I fell so hard .
I was totally shattered
I still dream about it at night.

It's a good thing we both know
The sun will shine again
Even as we fall.


- Born in 1972
- Studied English literature and Economics in the University of Jordan.
- Became MBA in Banking
_ Worked in the financial sector in Jordan for 10 years.
Started writing lyrics and poetry in English at the very early age of teens.
- Writes fiction in both Arabic and English.
- Edits for two online literary magazines, www.diwanalarab.com, and www.jerusalemiloveyou.com
Hend is married and a mother of three.



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