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Vasiliki Dragouni

Vasiliki Dragouni

Greek author and poet
Nationality: Grecia
Email: vasdrag141@gmail.com


Vasiliki Dragouni was born in Athens, Greece. She holds a BA in English Literature from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She has also studied European Comparative Literature on scholarship at Ghent University of Belgium. She holds a Master's Degree in International and European Studies from the University of Piraeus. She works in Aviation.

Many poems and stories of hers have been awarded in Panhellenic and International literary contests. Since 2012 she has participated in 144 collective works (Anthologies and Poetry Collections) as well as in a large number of respected literary Journals and Magazines. Many of her poems have been set to music. Her poetry has also been translated into English and Italian and included in international poetry anthologies.

She has been hosted in the "Great Encyclopedia of Modern Greek Literature" Volumes 30 and 31 of Harry Patsi's Publications, in the "Encyclopedia of Letters and Arts" Volumes II and III of Amphictyony of Hellenism Publications, in the "Encyclopedia of Modern Greek Writers" Volume I of Kefalos Publications, in "Portraits of Contemporary Writers" Volumes I and II of Breaths of Speech and Art Publications and in the "Contemporary Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry" of New Dimension Publications.

She has published six poetry collections: "Flight to the Light" (Athens, 2017), "Moon in Scorpio" (Athens, 2018), "Landscapes of Being" (Athens, 2019), "By Instinct" (Athens, 2020), "Everything you thought" (Athens, 2021), published by Breaths of Speech and Art Publications and "Red Ink" (Athens, 2022), published by European Publications Centre Hari Joe Patsis. Her first three poetry collections have been honored with the First Poetry Prize by the Greek Writers Association.

She has also published a collection of flash-fiction stories entitled "Red is worn upon the heart" (Breaths of Speech and Art Publications, Athens, 2020), a collection of fiction stories entitled "Convex Mirrors" (Universe Pathways Editions, Larissa, 2021), a collection of short stories entitled "Cracks in the Facade" (Universe Pathways Editions, Larissa, 2022), a short novel entitled "Trophy-Wife" (ebook, Easywriter Publications, Athens, 2016) and a short novel entitled "The other woman" (Universe Pathways Editions, Larissa, 2022).

Poems and texts of hers are published on literary websites and digital editions. She has participated in literary conferences, book presentations and online literary events with speeches, recitations and critical evaluations. Her interviews have been featured in literary magazines and literary websites.

She is a Goodreads Author. Profile on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7068152._ She is a Member of Poetas Del Mundo, of Writers Capital Interantional Foundation, of the Greek Writers Association and of Amphictyony of Hellenism. She is also a member of the Editorial Board of the international online literary magazine Writers Edition, https://www.writersedition.com/ and the administrator of the literary blog Artifact Spirit, https://artifactspirit.blogspot.com 


She appears as an old warning

dressed in a red sunset during the day.

Forests of burned trees retain her power.

She is the one who claims to be

to whoever wants to believe her.

Her orange hair is tangled in the green wind

like a hot waterfall of time

in a perpetual connection to the Universal Flow.

Every glowing truth of hers is a frenzy,

benevolent and destructive at the same time.

She smiles through her hair

with eyes that radiate love.

Something whispers around her "Watch me, watch me...

There is no other form for life to fit in

except for mine..."

Vasiliki Dragouni


That being said, what's the verdict?

A minimalism that wanders

still alive in the halls,

using conventional gestures

to account for the facts, the texture of words,

the fictional narrative, the actors' performance,

the seemingly opposite predictions,

the hearing aid, the final act...

the dismantling of the mask.

Vasiliki Dragouni


It is said that there is no sound in space

or vibrations of matter or chaotic oscillations

to fall flat on the photographic darkness

as galaxies collide or explode

and the stars are born and extinguished

like utopian dots.

And yet, we hear their last prayers

escaping with stellar strides

over the artificial paradises of the conscious

over the silence of the dying hours.

Vasiliki Dragouni


Before every word

the thought, like an illusion

intersects incessantly

the relief of chaos

keeping the road open

for the gods of disbelief.

Before every word

the thought, like a bloody nebula

creates a new reality

penetrating the non-existence

of the visible.

Before every word

the thought, like a meteoric truth

extends to infinity

ensuring our glooming


Vasiliki Dragouni


Like a double helix, complicated thoughts

transform into experience

leaving half-extinguished traces

on the wet trails of the days.

This is how the poems live.

They climb like ivy on the tree of our lives

dripping blood on poppies.

Fresh form emerges

from the union of memory and senses.

Poetry is the art of quest

wandering alone

at the crossroads of words,

walking in the dark mold of time and space

or flying to unreal places

with an earthy mantle.

The poem never ends.

It penetrates the depths of the soul,

soaks through the veil of pain

and settles to those secret depths

of our most sensitive self.

Vasiliki Dragouni

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