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Efrosini Kakogiannaki

Efrosini Kakogiannaki

Nationality: Grecia


Efrosini Kakogiannaki - Livaniou

She is a member of Unesco for many decades and other literary associations. She is an elected member of the International Society of Greek Writers and Artists. (D.E.E.L.)

In 2007 she was elected President of the artistic committee, in 2010 she was elected Public Relations Manager of the Society and ever since 2013 she is the Vice President of this Society.

She is a member of the Union of Journalists of daily and periodical press. She is also a member of many clubs literary, cultural, charitable. She has been honored for her contribution and action by various agencies of Greece. He has participated in numerous competitions and has won many awards, first, second and praise.
In 2007 she presented part of the project "7 Odes in heaven" of the poet-writer El-Chris (Kostas Katraki Editions Dodona) in the Lodge room Book.

She has given speeches at annual celebrations of poets at the Cultural Center of Athens, which waws hosted by the D.E.E.L under the Presidency of Mrs. Varra.

She has made several appearances on TV programs with subject as : literature and poetry by Reporters D. Giakoumaki, N. Mafrokefalos, M.Sokali. She made many presentations of her books but also books of others in Cultural Centres in the area of Athens and Piraeus.

She also organized many literary evenings by presenting works of great Greek poets and prose writers like Palamas, Seferis, Kavafis, Papadiamantis Solomos Traiforou-Vempo, Theophilos etc.

Her work has been hosted in the Greek and foreign press. Her work has been Included in the forty (40) Greek and international anthologies, 4 of which she have been edited by her personally. Her poems have been translated into English, Chinese, Korean and Mongolian.

In view of the Olympic Games in 2004, she was awarded the first prize for her poetry by DEEL.

She has participated in many congresses and lectures in various parts of Greece. She has Successfully participated in the International Symposium on Poetry of Academies of the World which was held in Acapulco (Mexico) in October of 2008 by President Mrs. Eugenia Soberamis.

She has been registered in the 13th volume of the Great Encyclopedia of Modern Literature, which has won the gold-Pedagogical Education Author medal under the name Xari Patsi.

She has also been included at the Great Encyclopedia «WHO IS WHO» of Greece and 10 other countries (France, Italy, Germany etc.).
The 4 out of the 12 books that she has written, she has offered them for free in orphanages for the economic needs of the children.

She has participated in book fairs in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki.

She has received many honors.

All her books are in libraries in Greece and abroad. Several of her poems have been set to music by Mrs E. Charalambous, a pianist and Mrs. M.Kiourtsaki, choir conductor.
She has also edited and prefaced many literary books of her colleagues.

Her work includes true stories of people that have touched her soul. Her poetry is outpouring of love, pain, sadness and reflection.




                              Σπασμένα γυαλιά οι τσέπες μου γεμάτες

ÏŒνειρα εφιαλτικά του δρÏŒμου μου οι στράτες

                              λιμάνι απάνεμο δε βρίσκω να περάσω

  η σκέψη μου σ’ακολουθεί μα θέλω να ξεχάσω.


   Ηφαίστειο καίει και τις στάχτες του σκορπίζει

                               η λάβα τρέχει στο μυαλÏŒ και ψιθυρίζει

  της λησμονιάς τα λÏŒγια της αγάπης τα καμένα

                               τα νιάτα, τη δροσιά που  είναι πια χαμένη.


                               Τα πήρε ο άνεμος τα πέταξε στην άκρη

                               τα μούσκεψε η βροχή τα έκανε αλάτι

τα έδωσε στα κύματα τα πήγαν σ’άλλα μέρη

   μα ÏŒπου κι αν τα έθαψε η σκέψη μου τα ξέρει.


                               Ψηλαφιστά σ’αποζητÏŽ με τα δεμένα χέρια

           με τα φτερά της σκέψης μου που είναι πια κομμένη

    με τη θολή μου τη ματιά που έχει  πια μαυρίσει

         απÏŒ τη στάχτη την πυκνή που εσύ έχεις σκορπίσει.




                                       “DREAMS  OF  MY  YOUTH”


Broken glasses fill my pockets

nightmares are the streets in my way

safe heaven I can not find to cross

my thoughts follow you but I want to forget


A volcano burns and scatters ashes

lava spills in my mind and whispers

forgotten burned words of love

youth, freshness that are no more


Gone by the wind thrown aside

soaked wet in the rain turned into salt

given to the waves, taken to other places

but wherever they are buried still my thought is aware of them


My bonded hands are seeking you

on the wings of my amputated thought

with my blurry darkened sight

from the thick ashes that you yourself scattered



                                 EFROSYNI KAKOGIANNAKI

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