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Chrissoula Varveri Varra

Chrissoula Varveri Varra

Nationality: Grecia
Email: kaba@electroklima.gr


Chrissoula Varveri Varra

Chrissoula Varveri Varra has been writing poetry and theatrical works since primary school. During her childhood she was awarded with a metal as her first book was published. From twelve years old until today 2007, she has organized more than eight thousands conferences of Literary – Social subjects, five Civilizing Olympiads and innumerable literary festivals. She has delivered 8.000 speeches. She has written many books (more than 30) and she has been awarded with metals from many countries all over the world. She established the crown of wild olive and she lionized the first spiritual Olympic champions of civilization. She inspired the Olympic metal of Homer- Melina for the International Personalities of Metropolitan Greece, the emigrant Hellenism and the foreign countries. 

One of her most important activities is that she is Founder and President in two unions, the International Academy “Thea Athena” and the International Society of Greek Writers and Artists”. Her recognized spiritual works have been translated in many languages and especially her book entitled “Panathinea 2004” is placed among the most famous works in the library of Cambridge University. Furthermore much many of her books, which are accompanied by positive reviews have been accepted in the most popular universities. What is more, the General Staff of Army placed the prize that she had created for the heroes of the National Resistance in the Pentagon in order to prove its recognition to her work. In 1985 she managed as a journalist to convince the Parliament of Greece to popularize the usage of book to the Nation through the labor center.

Moreover, she participated in the European Congress of Culture in 1991 and its president, Mr. Zak Delor, had welcomed the proposals that she had submitted. She is a member of the “Brotherhood of Ideas” in Brussels some members of which are Ms. Isabella Maratou – Argiraki, Mr. G. Koutsoxeras. She is nominated as Professor from the Academies of Italy and Korea and furthermore the World Academy of Arts and Culture of California has honored her with the Degree of Doctor of literature (Litt.D) in 2002.

As a further recognition of her endless action she was honored with the title of “Academic” and she was nominated as a member in the “Pontificia Accademia Tiberina di Roma”. Moreover, she is proclaimed as representative of this Academy in Greece.

Chrissoula Varveri Varra throughout her work and her offer to the literary sector has proved her volunteer spirit to give away something special and authentic to life, that’s why life itself has given her away so many prizes. We should take her as a model, with low profile, endless creative energy and passion for human. She is a spiritual mind that’s why she motivates us to escape from the daily idleness and to follow higher levels of civilization. 





Il frutto del mio pensiero

macedonia per il lavoratore

colomba di pace

giusta ricompensa dell’ alba.

Procrustis arbitrariamente avauza

Per cancellare i sogni degli angelli.

Il moderns carnefice,

si riveste sel sangue del povero.

Il popolo, furente,

attende il Signore!

Pretende, che quel giorno sia festoso,

ed indossera sandali di PACE …

Eccolo, eccolo, maestoso

uccide le calamita.

I cherubini. I Serafini.

Glorificano il giudizio universale …

Lodate il Signore

tutti “angeli” operatori di pace.

La Terra e salva !!!

Lodate il Signore …





Ο καρπός της σκέψης μου,

φρουτοσαλάτα του εργάτη,

περιστέρι ΕΙΡΗΝΗΣ,

χαραυγή δικαίωσης.

Ο Προκρούστης «αυθαίρετα» όρμησε

να σφάξει αγγέλων ονείρατα.

Ο σύγχρονος δήμιος,

με το αίμα του πένητα «ντύνεται».

Ο Λαός, οργισμένος,

Καρτεράει τον «Κύριο».

Απαιτεί, γιορτερή τη στιγμή,

με σαντάλια ΕΙΡΗΝΗΣ στα πέλματα …

Νάτη. Νάτη. Καμαρωτή

θανατώνει τον όλεθρο.

Τα Χερουβείμ. Τα Σεραφείμ.

Τη «Δεύτερη» δοξάζουν παρουσία …

Αινείτε τον σώφρονα Νου

πάντες οι «Άγγελοι» εργάτες

αγωνιστές της Ειρήνης.

Σώθηκεν η Γη !!! Αινείτε τον Νου …






Spedito all’ Universo

il pianto dei popoli.

Nota di reclamo

per l’ abuso di fiducia.

Spedito all’ Universo

il pianto dei fanciulli,

Celeste preghiera,

per i fiumi, che si prossiugano …

Spedito all’ Universo

i boccioli dei fiori

affinche possano

resistere all’ inverno che incombe …





Θα ταχυδρομήσω στο Σύμπαν

το δάκρυ των Λαών.

Υπόμνημα διαμαρτυρίας

για βιασμό Εμπιστοσύνης.

Θα ταχυδρομήσω στο Σύμπαν

το δάκρυ των παιδιών,

Ουράνια προσευχή,

για τα ποτάμια, που στερεύουν …

Θα ταχυδρομήσω στο Σύμπαν

τα άνθη των λουλουδιών

μήπως κι αντέξουν

στον Χειμώνα, που προσμένουν …






Nell ardore della conoscenza

troveremo sigillata la verita

cari, la passione per la Belta

vive dentro l’ anima.

Ascendete con il sorriso sulle labbra …

Fidatevi, ed il sole della verita

dalle nuvole sorgera

L’ alba di questa nuova vita

ci porlera il sorriso della serenita.

La sapienza la gioia ci dara.

Si vedra il pianeta che sorridera.

La felicita si espandera

E la sapienza la gioia ci dara.





Μέσα στης γνώσης τη φωτιά

θα βρούμε την αλήθεια σφηνωμένη

ο πόθος για την ομορφιά

μεσ’ την ψυχή μας κατοικεί, αγαπημένοι.

Θαρρείτε στην ανηφοριά

με το χαμόγελο στα χείλη

θα ‘ρθει καιρός, στη συννεφιά

Ο Ήλιος της Αλήθειας ν’ ανατείλει.

Στην Αναγέννηση αυτή

θα δούμε τη Γαλήνη να γελάει.

Την ευτυχία δυνατή. Τη γνώση

τη χαρά να μας κερνάει.

Η αναγέννηση θα ‘ρθει.

Θα δούμε τον Πλανήτη να γελάει.

Η Ευτυχία θ’ απλωθεί

Κι η Γνώση τη χαρά

θα μας κερνάει.






Sogno, quando ti materializzi,


dalle praterie del piacere.

Come l’ anguilla

sempre sfuggi.

Cerco di dissetarmi

a dolci labbra.

Ma tu gia, fuggito mi hai lasciato

a mirar la luna.

Sogno sei illeso.

Sei generato da uomo.

E quando premo il “pulsante”

e guardo lo scehermo,

tu hai preso il volo,

veloce, lontano da me !





Όνειρο, σαν σαρκώνεσαι,


από τους κήπους της χαράς.

Σαν χέλι

πάντα ξεγλιστράς.

Αποζητώ να δροσιστώ

σε γλυκαμένα χείλη.

Μα συ, φευγάτο, μ’ άφησες

να βλέπω τη Σελήνη.

Όνειρο είσαι αλώβητο.

Είσαι ανθρώπου γέννα.

Και το «κουμπί» όταν πατώ

και την οθόνη, σαν κοιτώ,

εσύ έχεις πετάξει

γοργά, μακριά από μένα !







nel limite del possibile.

Parere di giande politico.

Goe usa ingegni e astuzie …

Il fine giustifica i mezzi !

Il poeta si oppone

lottando, cercando pesi di equilibrio.

Tutti dopo l’ abbuffata di belezza

si ripugnano.

Sbarrano la strada

ad un volubile comando.

La politica progetta

sui binari del assurdo

La politica,

pietanza senza sale,

lotta senza aspirazione,

gioia de scarsa prosperita.

Amore senza orgasmo.

La politica progetta

nel limite del possibile …



Light Delighted….


I’ am proud rebel

I΄ll be for ever

To make good and to accept good

To search for right and self – defense

To wear the blue – white wreath of true

To demand the right and to achieve transparency

To give and take from life

To love all the colors of the rainbow

Blue, Azure, Green, Red

To react

To feel pain

To offer

To die

To be resurrected ! !

I’ am proud rebel

I΄ll be for ever

Flattering the fights and ideas through visions

I follow my dance alone

till my ageing…

Even if my glass water is bitter

I’ ll drink water silent

in favor of the fight

I’ ll always be a proud rebel

In order to weigh life with its cental

“The rights” and “The lefts” in life’s space

In the middle of nowhere I’ ll suggest them a new born begging

Light delighted

New ideas and openings!!

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