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Sofia Patoucha-Dimitrouka

Sofia Patoucha-Dimitrouka

Nationality: Grecia
Email: sofiapatoucha@gmail.com


Sofia Patoucha-Dimitrouka

She was born in Rio. She is married with the mechanic of commercial tail marine, Agathoklis Patouchas. She has two daughters and two grandsons. She has been awarded for her work several times. Also she has written tree books and she writes poetry. Some of her work (paintings), decorate special places in Greece and America. She is a member of International Association of Writters and Art. Also she is a member of UNESCO. She has got an Academic Diploma of Art ''Goddess Athina''. She has offered much of her work for Charity. More over she taught painting art, in the University of Patras, for four years, with the program ''Free Painting Art Activity''.



I search for the light which will illuminate the strong men of the earth

these men who want to be called men,who make nuclear arms by name of the love of glory,of the riches ,and landownership,

mixing the countries up in intrigues,malignities,dispersing

the death everywhere,

so that the leaders of the states satisfy their

personal wishes.

Let the man live his life,poorly and peacefully

The war deprives of the Freedom of the life,it is violent, devastator,merderer,it causes the death of the soul and

of the bodies.

Peace is the Freedom of the life,of the dignity,of the spiritual serenity,

of the human  rights,of the flowering of the Letters and of the Arts,it produces

the civilization,the progress,the friendship,the fraternization,the equality,the justice.

Peace is the power which  associates the human race,it is the reconciliation
of all peoples of the earth.
Let the war stop and let the peace come because the men's happiness depends on her.

I have ambition and I wait for the PEACE everywhere.


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