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Apostolos John Paschos

Apostolos John Paschos

Nationality: Grecia


Apostolos John Paschos 

Dr Apostolos J. Paschos was born on 20th February 1936 in the city of Metsovon, Epirus, Greece, as the third child of his Greek Orthodox family. He served his military duties in the Greek army as second lieutenant medical pathologist. He is Dr Nuclear Medicine, Dr Pathologist, honors bachelor Doctor of both Medicine Universities of Athens and Ioannina. He is member : of 19 scientific societies worldwide, of 4 Academies worldwide, of International Society of Literature and Arts (DEEL), of  Union of Greek Writers , of the Organization  for the dissemination of Greek language, of Global Harmony Association (GHA).  He has drafted 223 scientific words, of which 162 are self powered. He has published 18 books. Poems of him have been published in 8 poetic anthologies. 4 of them have been done songs. He has been awarded as journalist, , with 90 awards and honors for his worlds and his contribution to culture. Also with special award as medical-philosopher  and special award for his poetry by the Union of Greek Writers on 2013. On year 2013 he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the book “The ABC of Harmony” of GHA.          



Peace is a gift of God to man,

gift of love, of harmony among humans,

among families, bliss of  people, of nations,

unity and communication of States.


Peace is divine free will of man,

 conscious, voluntary human will for health,

athletic for quality of life,

own peoples movement for  economic progress.


Peace prosecutes war

and all belligerents directly,

does not allow to anyone alienator

upsetting the global serenity.


Peace is enviable and lustful by the world,

but it’s not feasible without God,

because it’s communication donation by God,

between people, friendship of nations, charity.


Faithful people of God arise,

New Era is moving with fraud,

routed directly against peace,

scream worldwide, resist valiantly.


By Dr Dr Apostolos John Paschos, Greece


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