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Panagiotis Dimos Ioannides

Panagiotis Dimos Ioannides

Nationality: Grecia
Email: takis.ioannides@gmail.com


Panagiotis (Takis) Dimos Ioannides

Panayotis (Takis)  Dimos Ioannides was born in Kallithea, Athens,  Greece on 15 April 1955. He is married, and got three children. He is poet, writer, author, journalist,  critic, researched of the Greek philosophy, painter.   He has the Honorary Degree of Dr of Literature by HWAAC-vise for diploma no 358. He worked for 39 years and now is pensioner of IBM Hellas sa. He also worked in E.F. HUTTON sa. He is Trustee of Maniatakeion Foundation,  member of the committee of books evaluation of ESTIA of New Smyrna Foundation, member of Phoinix New Smyrna Athens Institution,  member of International Academy of “Thea Athina” ,  member of the Arcadians, Vice President, co- founder  and co-writer of books of Global Harmony Association (GHA),  member of education team of Human Dignity & Humiliation Studies - World Dignity University in Oslo, Director- ambassador in Greece IFLAC,  Director- ambassador in Greece of Bilingual MCA writers and poets for peace Argentina, member of Worldwide Peace Organization, journalist in newspapers of Athens, former Vice president and member of the International Society of Greek Writers & Arts (DEEL).  He has written and published hundreds of poems and maxims, 12  books, and more than 500 essays.  His books and poems are registered in the Greek National Library of Greece in Athens. Many poems and essays have been translated and published in books and magazines worldwide. He offers his poetic and philosophical work via the national radio and tv stations and other individuals for more than 25 years, daily for free. Poems and books of him have been awarded with prizes in Greece and many other countries, eg the " Corea Literary Prize 2008" by WCP/WAAC. On year 2009 the Greek Parliament choose his poem “For the child” for the global day of children. He has been registered in the “Who’s Who” book 2010 of Greece also,  in the Encyclopedia of Greek poets since ancient years and today of Harry Patsi’s editions. He is Marcial Arts Instructor (Taekwondo ITF) black belt 4 Dan, national and international Umpire, practicing also in Iyengar Yoga, in Tai Chi Chuan / Qi Gong.  On year 2013 he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the book “The ABC of Harmony” of GHA.  He is a student of this Life.

Home Address : 7-9 Lignadi str, 171 21 New Smyrna, Athens, Greece

e-mail : takis.ioannides@gmail.com




The useful and fecund Moral Science teaches man

to govern his passions, to regulate his actions,

to live his life with honesty, dignity, peace and virtue,

to have noble hopes for his future fortune.


The highly dangerous moral diseases subtle

and dressed with the feelings of illusory pleasure,

nourish manners and customs of people without suspicion of a lesion,

with result to become disastrous after.


The cities and nations leaders consciously or unconsciously

οverlook that the true glory, power and prosperity

depend on the Greek paideia and morality

and the ignorant and corrupt citizens

pull down the uneducated societies.


With mental strength are distinct the truth and the falsehood,

the justice and injustice, the right and the wrong.

People become receptive and accept the truth,

with desire logic and practice of the right reason,

with good knowledge and experience of things,

 with proper education and moral upbringing.


With the safe treasure of virtues and the assist of God

the soul becomes strong, honest,

peaceful, harmonic, imperturbable,

fruitful for its fellow man and human societies,

and win the high peak of detection

that deserves the gift of life she bestowed.


by Panagiotis (Takis) D. Ioannides

2 / 10 / 2015 a. C.


The bridges of PEACE


The humanity affairs like ungoverned ships

are crushed on the undersea reefs

she builds years and nowadays.

We forgot our ability to fly where we wish with our free thoughts.

We suffocate inside our deceptive -

protective armors of egoism.


We are balloons which deflate

by any casual pin of disharmony.

We locked our hearts inside the materialistic safe.

Not synchronized, we jump from cloud to cloud

and our life values are fallen down from our pockets.

We are not free, and our eyes are closed

covered with the veil of fanaticism.


Standing in a position too inconvenient

which gets souls pathetic, inconsiderate and unbearable tired,

we sleep too deep, never changing side, no reacting, at all.

We are satisfied with the hallucinated burners,

with the unimportant perishables.

We are crushed producing an deafening noise,

but we are unable to hear it.


We banished the real, the true

and the plasticity of our instinct

depriving it’s ability to hag this world all around us.

We lost our ability to look this Life

directly on eyes with bravery and dignity.

We keep the bridges of PEACE unused.

Fellow humans please tell me,

how we shall manage to pass on the other side,

over our differences without PEACE bridges?


by Panagiotis (Takis) Dimos Ioannides, Greece


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