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Andriana Karamitros

Andriana Karamitros

Nationality: Grecia
Email: andriana.karamitros@live.com.au


Andriana Karamitros 

Mrs. Andriana Karamitros was born in Mikro Souli, a small village in Serres, Macedonia, Greece. She moved to Australia with her parents at a young age. Since then, Andriana has been writing poetry. She has published two books in the Greek language entitled “THEMATA HORIS PSEMATA” (“Subjects without lies”) and the children's book “ELATE NA GINOYME FILI” (“Come to become friends”). Both books include her illustrations. Andriana is a fashion designer and has a great passion for art. Every year she takes part in art exhibitions to exhibit her paintings. Since March 2016, she is a member of the POETAS DEL MUNDO – Poets of the World. Both her art work and poetry have been published in Greek newspapers, magazines and other publications. Her art has been used to decorate the covers of magazines and books of well-known Greek poets in Melbourne.

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POEMS BY ANDRIANA KARAMITROS (English translation by the poetess)




Words that hit

like belts in your ears.


like salt on a wound.


like iron.


like a gun.


like a knife.


like a rock.


like a slap.


like a razer.

Passes through you,

like a bullet.

Ripping you,

 like a sickle.


like stinging words.




The crystal rain drop,

slipped away from the

cool shiny fresh green leaf

on the way down over the air.


The air that broke the crystal drop

and separated in to small little diamonds.

The reflection of the sun covers them,

with all the rainbow colours.


The beautiful crystal clear diamonds...

Dancing happily on the air.


They are enjoying their beautiful,

pleasant but shot life.

Such a shot life.....




Nature wore her evening dress

on the black velvety passing of the night.

Decorated with the stars,

that sparkle like precious jewels.

The moon pined on the side,

like a broach.

The perfume, the fragrances

of the night, 

spreading in the air,

mixed with wild flowers,

sea breeze, pine and grass.


The king Sun cries on his grave.

He passes the throne,

to the queen of the night,

the moon.

The moon that decorates with

glamour and beauty, the night.

The night that covers with,

her black wavy spider woven veil,

the nature.

Gives magical beauty to the nature.


Oh! beautiful and frightful night,

from the dazzle of your beauty,

you blind our eyes.       




From different countries

immigrants in ships,

holding their bundles,

like the homeless kids.


They came to Australia,

from a faraway land.

With lots of dreams

and no money to spend.


You took them in your arms,

you gave love at any case.

You make them forget,

they came with just a suitcase.


You gave us love,

you gave us hope,

you gave us a country,

you gave us a home.


Beautiful new country,

we appreciate,

of what you gave us

and what we take.


You taught us a lot,

we taught you a lot.

We all became one,

like sultanas in a bun.


Thank you for everything

you did for us,

 second mother country,

thank you for having us.


Australia blessed country,

I want to kiss you.

I don't want to leave you,

because I'll miss you.


Loving country like you,

I'll never find.

Beautiful Australia,

You've been so kind.


I will never find,

a loving country like you,

beautiful Australia,

I love you....!!!




Times are changing

and people too

but on that point

there is nothing we can do.


Pollution in the air

but we have to breath.

Poisons in our food,

but we have to eat.

Care for our safety

chemicals, radiation

we all scared one day,

we might destroy our generation.


Disease and sickness

almost everywhere we go.

Fear for our children,

the future we don't know.


Unlucky generation

children of today,

you have to pay a price,

of your fathers yesterday.


Drugs, wars,

fear for us all.

No place to escape,

nowhere in the world.


In many countries people suffers

disease and hunger is the worst.

Oh! God please help us..!!

I think we are just lost....


Also in Australia,

things are going bad.

Where are the good old days,

are they ever coming back?


Sorry people but,

that's our world today.

Hope thing will get better

but is very hard to say.







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