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Nationality: Grecia
Email: potiskatrakis@gmail.com



Dr. POTIS KATRAKIS was born in Demonia a small village of Laconia in Peloponnese. Now he is retired and lives in Piraeus.

He is an honorary Doctor of Literature, honorary Vice President of the Legal bar of Piraeus, member of the "World Academy of Arts and Culture" under the aegis of UNESCO, of the "World Congress of Poets" of the Italian "Academy Ferdinandea". of the International Writers and Artists Association (I.W.A.), of the "National Association of the Greek Literary Men" and of other associations.

He has been a councilor of the Municipality of Piraeus, Head of the Legal Service of Piraeus, Vice President of the Legal Bar of Piraeus, President of the Theater Laboratory of Piraeus and also president in other associations.

He has published until now 292 literary books, from which 10 novels, 10 collections of short stories, 20 theatrical works, 6 essays, 1 travelogue and 245 poetic collections of more than 20000 poems in the three basic forms of poetry (traditional, modern and post-modern).

Also, 9000 poems, out of which are in verses, 123 of which have been set to music and are released as compact discs in the market under the titles: "Crafty guys are through", "Plan of meeting", "Sea loves", "Island longings", "Songs of love", "Popular city belly dances", "The eyes i loved", "Songs for Daimonia", "Aegean etesian wind".

Two of his theatrical works, stories and 25 of his poetic collections, with more than 2000 poems of his, as well as individual poems, have been translated into English, French, Italian, Russian, Mongolian, Spanish, Chinese, Albanian and Bulgarian.

He has been awarded with two honor awards and 58 awards in national and international competitions from various cultural vehicles, with high distinction in letters. 

His vita is included in the Encyclopedia of Modern Greek Literature of Charis Patsis (volume 13).

Three books have published on his work: an essay by Mr. Moschos Kefalas entitled “POTIS KATRAKIS – another voice” (Athens, 2000) and two critical essays by Dr. Zacharoula Gaitanaki entitled “POTIS KATRAKIS – a prolific writer”, pages 254, Athens 2003, editions “Mauridis” and “POTIS KATRAKIS –

ROUTE TO CREATION”, pages200, Athens 2012, Lexitipon editions.




Satisfying a need

as sleep and food

does not demand searching, studying

or hesitating about acting.

Religion is also a requirement.




Everybody can speak

but few can think

and take right decisions.

Those are whom the God-nature

has intended them for being

at the head of human societies.




In real love,

one likes giving

more than taking.




One who knows

and has the means

of proceeding to the brainwashing

of the people,

can rule the world.

Namely whoever controls

the education and Mass Media.




When you are able to turn

sadness into a song

and the struggle to survive

into a game,

you have already won the bet of life.





When you feel young

at mind and soul,

you feel young at body too

regardless of the years

you bear onto your shoulder.

Mind and body are interdependent

on health and development.





If the planet which we live in

does not fade away

in the next one thousand hundred years,

the life that we live now then would seem

as it seems to us, the times when men were

dwelling in caves

and were living by hunting.

It’s a pity that we will not live in that age

even for a while.




It is an instinct of self-protection

of men and of many other

living beings too

and it is activated automatically

without the sense of logic.




A car accident can

be caused either by human mistake

or by chance.

One can guard himself against the first one

but he will always be exposed

to the second one.

It is the price of progress

of the contemporary means of transport.





The most hideous crimes occur

in the case of reprisals

which the innocent people usually pay,

because the minds of the victims

are always blurred

and fail to adhere to the measure

and pay it back in the same coin.

Civil wars begin

from reprisals.





Rights of the individual

are invention and acquisition

of the thriving peoples.

For the peoples, dying of hunger

and illnesses

are empty contents.

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