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Nationality: Grecia
Email: zannetakalyva@yahoo.gr



Dr. ZANNETA KALYVA-PAPAIOANNOU was born in Larissa. She comes from Vachlia, a small Arcadian village. She is poetess and author. Her work has been published in national and international  newspapers and magazines. Her poems there are in Anthologies and have been translated in English, Chinese, Albanian, Italian and Korean. Her writing has won international and national prizes. She is a member of the WAAC/WCP (which awarded her the title Doctor of Literature), of the IWA, of the “Union of Greek Writers”, of the “WPS”, of the Accademia Ferdinandea (Italy), of the Literary Club “Xasteron”, of the Literary Club of Helioupolis, of the International Society of Greek Writers  & Artists and many social Associations of Greece. She referred in the American “Who’s Who” and in “I. B. of Cambridge” (U.K.).

She has published the books:

- “MEMORIES”, narrative stories from her childhood, Athens 2001

- “A LIFE’S NOTES”, poems (Greek-English), Athens 202

- “LIFE’S ESSENCE”, poems and short stories, Athens 2003

- “WITH MY HEART’S WINGS”, a collection of poems (Greek, Chinese, Italian, English and French), Athens 2005.

E-mail: zannetakalyva@yahoo.gr



                    LOVE OR FRIENDSHIP?


I’m surprised and I wonder because I don’t know

if this is love that I suffer

or a friendship boundless, platonic, great

that I haven’t felt for another woman ever.


It is true, I see, this is superb, ethereal,

true and perfect what I feel inside me.

I can’t take a step without you

and when I miss you for a moment, I lose my mind.


You have grown into a habit and you know this,

you are a strong flame that as far as it goes makes a fire, so if you want, make a choice without doubt

either a platonic love or an intimate friendship.


* PRAISE by the “Greek Literary Union”, Athens 2013.




A long time passed and you came suddenly in the cold

to warm up my heart.


A long time passed

and my heart gave  a leap

just like  the past.


A long time passed, you touched me tenderly with your caress

like a spring of cool water in the dark.




It is just a “good – morning “

say it and I’ll keep it

like  an amulet

that reminds me of you.





Love, divine melody.

clear like your heart,

true like your touch,

heady like your fragrance.






I was sitting on the seashore

I felt nostalgic

for all the things of the past

and the seagulls were flying

as if they were following you.


I was unaware that you left

quietly, alone, in silence,

I was not in time for you,

to touch you tenderly.


I know, you will not return,

however hard you try,

but you send me your messages

through your heart.





I met you

in the morning dew May.

I moved near you to taste

the sweetness of your soul.

I touched you 

with shaky hands and lips.

I talked to you  sweetly to bring you

as soon as possible close to me.

I caressed you tenderly

like a mother her baby.

I loved you

for your wonderful figure.

I felt pain for you 

from the bottom of my heart.

I looked for you 

but you were not there

where you were walking in the past.

I said good-bye to you

with pain and moaning,

I forget you not.



        A little more, my Greece


A little more, my Greece,

to see the almond trees bloom,

cyclamens to grow,

anemones to pop up in the forests

and thyme to come alive and fragrant.


.. A little more, my Greece,

and the sun will warm our soul,

our body, our existence

to feel the coming of spring

of warmth, of enjoyment, but also the rebirth.


… A little more, my Greece,

for trees to become iridescent in the mountains,

birds to sing, sea gulls to follow again

the ship’s line loyally.


… A little more, my Greece,

and the sea will calm waving

among the Aegean and Ionian islands

and you will dream and believe

that it is time for justice.


… A little more, my Greece,

to embroider the canvas of our lives

with solidarity, respect for our fellow man,

joy, happiness, create, friendship

and above all, hope, faith and Love.


… Then,

the sun will light new horizons,

the sound of the bell will sound resurrection,

blooming heaths, myrtles and arbutus

will smell sweet and will be fragrant our lives.



English translation by Zacharoula Gaitanaki.


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