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Rodrigo  Garcia

Rodrigo Garcia

Nationality: Suecia

The Wrong side of the road

hey you down there on the wrong.side of the road.why do you look so old and cold?have you been on the storm that I´ve got in my soul? surrounded by the heat! surrounded by the pain!with out the eyes are the faces down on the ground out in the rain.and I
can´t understund why? I´ve got that feeling once again.

but if you want to try to reach the sky!and never feel the fear that you had!there is only one way to choose!what you want or what you would like to do? think about it and don´t give in like the scorpion around the fire I know you are tired but if you should not fight every day against the life so you are waiting for your bad thoughts to eat your mind.

hey you down there on the wrong side of the road why do you make me feel like a prisioner in my own mind.now is time to say good bye throw away your bad thougths and reach the sky.now is time to take care of your life don´t lose the time you have been a long time inside the storm and now it´s time to see the sun.and nothing more it´s going to break me down do what you want go away with other one play in another band but nothing will bring me down again.

electricity it´s comming up to my brain.I feel the same sensation in my body once again.
electricity does open my mind.I´ll going to take a ride on the psychedelic side.electricity it´s make me feel ok whit all the colours in the sky my friend.

the connection to the space it´s already done I´ll going to fly far away of here.just take my hand I will show you the way.

because the stars...are shining for you and the sky...it´s close to the space.try to feel by your self.all what I told to you that day you should never look back!.where is the sun? I´m blowing in the darkness I feel fear.the same fear that you had in your dreams in your heart on the deep of your mind

I would like to have the control of my mind.so I dont see the face on the nights.I would like to have the control of my mind so I don't hear the voices all the time so I don't see the rain acros the bars in my room.think that I have to get rid of the drugs is not the best way to my brain.it is that what make me feel how I feeling again.

like the moments when you lose control,when you feeling that your body commning to explode when you try to fly so high but you cannot reach the sky ...and then in my soul the sun it´s going down after you gone!

my dear friend.
when I see you light on the midle of the night.I think that you are the only one that understund all that I feel all that i felt and all what i did.
I mean of you my dear friend that all what you see in your perfect place.it´s only a good view of the space may be some day I´ll be there with my guitar and all what I need to become relaxed

remembering times when I was a child and my dear aunt did show me the way to know the stars and love the space now is time to use her way.when she told me the life is short when she bring me the things to do but I could not understand at this time because I was a child a real child...
when I see you light on the midle of the night I remember my past and my dreams looking around to the space I see the stars shining again like my dear friend.and I now that my dreams will never come true but I now what I have to make me feel good.when Iplay my guitar or sometimes my bass i feel the way to jump to the space

Rodrigo Garcia

nacido en chile santiago
empese a escrivir a los 22 anhos.como musico empese a los trece anhos mi primer instrumento fue el saxo tenor el cual con el pasar de los anhos no le tome mucho interes.a los quince mi hermano menor me ensenho a tocar guitarra. a los 23 anhos empece a crear mi propia musica la cual he arreglado y modoficado.todo lo que escrivo son mis suenhos,sentimientos.experiencias vividas o vividas por personas cercanas a mi como primos o amigos.

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