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Dariusz  Pacak

Dariusz Pacak

Nationality: Austria


In the mountains of Dobongsan
centuries pass
through the Gate of Thought

the passage of continents
now part of landscape
a tidal wave

axiom of cross shining
a faded watercolour
paling to distance

Buddha merciful voice silent zephyr through trees
hums the Diamond Sutra

tapping heart
to Moktak beat
changing twilight into breath

the body is spread
between one world and the other
falling transcending

rain falling
raining away Dobongsan Mountains

Seoul, 13 August 2004
Translated from Polish by Ryszard J. Reisner

sentenced now rara avis
adrift cloud to cloud

I wingmy way a crystal pastelled glow not to be containedand

name thee life This
far for other be their dreams

over earth where time is not too in pain too torn apart

Toronto -Calgary, 5 July 2002

Translated from Polish by Ryszard J. Reisner

Buddha resting tips the centre dead still the way
a loud racing stream not forgetting where to
in the bloodshed that is the West banana trees lean over
wayside flower now silent
on the edge crown of dust it lies heart torn out
without voice split apart its time now dies
in silence builds a hum of flies a rickshaw passes by

the Temple Flower has rung
Beruwela[Sri Lanka], 23 November 2004 -Vienna, 21 April 2005
Translated from Polish by Ryszrd J. Reisner


Dariusz Pacak
, poet and opera singer, was born in Lodz [Poland]. Studied in Cracov, Katowice, in 1997 gratuated from Wroclaw Academy of Music. Post Graduate Studies in Vienna [Austria].
Awarded a Scholarship by The Ministry of Culture and Art, Warsaw [Poland] and by The Ministry of Research and Science, Vienna.

He is the recipient of many poetry and singing awards. Member of several literary associations, among others of the World Academy of Arts & Culture and World Congress of Poets [USA], Union of Polish Writers Abroad [London]. Vice president of the association ,,Verein zur Förderung sprachmittlerischer Publikationen', connected with the Literary Translation Workshop at Vienna University.

His most recent books includes 'Birds of Emanations' [Cracow, 2001], 'W Podruzgotanym Ciągu' [Poznan, 2003], 'House Of The Golden Fleece' [Poznan, 2004] and ' The Season' [Stockholm-New York-Moscov, 2006].
Dariusz Pacak works have been translatd into English, German, Chinese, Czech, Hindi, Korean, included in literary magazines & in World Anthologies published in Poland, Austria, USA, Czech Rep., Moldova, China, England, Taiwan, India, Corea, Sweden.

On the turn of the 2003 he attend The XXIII World Congress of Poets in Taiwan, organized by Chinese Poetry Society with cooperation of WAAC. In 2004 he attanded The XXIV World Congress of Poets in Seoul. In 2005 he attands The XXV WCP [WAAC] in Los Angeles, and The XIX World Congress of Poets [UPLI] in Peking.

Lately, for his literary publications he has been awarded the prize Polish Oscar, Vienna 2006.
Currently he lives in Austria.

Vienna, March 2006
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