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Suchismita Ghoshal

Suchismita Ghoshal

Award winning author, Famous Poet & Literary enthu
Nationality: India
Email: ghoshalsuchismita019@gmail.com

Wings & Chains

On a bright sunny day

When I look back to scratch 

The stories from past,

I see a different glow around 

The corner of my little heart.

The society, concatenated with

Several flaws, prejudices and stereotypes

Wasn't able to defeat my stubborn dreams.

It sets my spine to numerous chills

When I visualize my past battling

With all the repugnant situation

To give wings to my goals.

Opulence of barriers,

Exaggeration of criticisms,

Abundance of remarks

Audacity to question my existence,

Everything which crossed my paths

Tempted me to build a solider castle 

Of desires for an adamantine longevity

Of my perseverance, peace & prosperity. 

The door of consciousness breaks

The shackles of worm-eaten orthodoxes.

One day my shadow will be omitted,

I won't be giving anymore to this puzzled earth,

& divinity will take me to the extremity of victory.

My victory, a synonym of an aubade, will be cherished for ages

& will serve folks the ambrosia of freedom

& wisdom in a frantically adorned diseased society.

~ ©storytellersuchismita


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