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Ashish Kumar Pathak

Ashish Kumar Pathak

Nationality: India
Email: ashishpathak.rinku@gmail.com


Ashish Kumar Pathak 

Ashish Kumar Pathak is a primary education teacher posted in munger district of Bihar.he has got letter of appreciation from president of india for his poem.His works has been featured in various Indian anthologies recently.His forte is reflexive sociopolitic poems. 

Ashish Kumar Pathak es un maestro de educación primaria publicado en el distrito de Munger de Bihar. tiene una carta de agradecimiento del Presidente de la India por su poema. Sus obras han aparecido en varias antologías indias recientemente. Su fuerte es poemas sociopolíticos reflexivos.

THE NOTHING POET (little funny)


Abused zesty quarterbacks 

Shaky and thirsty

Happy yet pink and purple

Impeached beefy pimples not so simple

Scared screamed heavily creamed

Hollered so easily


Kowtowed excessively

Unveiled pads so loyally

Mahogany but freak n frailed

Anxious but silently derailed

Rotates without sound


Politely weaved and waved

Abetted cookies saved

Tattled excitedly

Happily implicated now and then

Amused windy mid-wives

Knifed pizzas over oven


Truthfulness missing

Happiness coming but pissing

Endearing to controversies


Nasty big name

Often misspelled

Thinking overtime

Hinging on small crime

Important to whom,none knows

Noble things don't expectedly

Gawked scarcely


Paled highly rightfully delightfully

Overconfidence often uncooked

Earnest sometimes somewhere

Taunted everyone everywhere.


My song,I will sing


Take me across the Sea,

Do,Sailors, do

If you have some rupees in your wallet,

that will necessarily do


I have some money in my wallet,

and my eyes at Seas so glue,

So take me across the sea,

Do,Sailors, do


Step into my Merry-Ship,

Be they glue or blue,

And for the money in your wallet,

I will happily carry you."




Beauty is a source of Joy

Joy routed in spark we see in beauty

the joy of being amidst beauty

translates into birthing of new organisms

beauty is must for sustainability of life

and sustainability of life

for the sustainability of the cosmos

and in this cosmos

all things and organisms are beautiful

one time or the other

thus things of beauty is joy forever

wherever anywhere everywhere.


Loosing bit of Venezuela day by day 


Venezuela was once top

four or five in the world 

essentially at the top 

Of the Latino world 

oil was overwhelming and surplus 

in fact it was everything, 

Politicians played with the oil

people got bread with the oil 

that too much fiddling 

with the oil, 

has brought about untold 

torment and turmoil, 

the system collapsed

democracy and dictatorship 

both bypassed times and nation, 

with such a paramount inflation 

as much as seven hundred percent 

at repercussive times, 

manufacturing and buying 


at hell and at bent, 

which system will come now 

no one knows, 

even trusted friends didn't arose 

and didn't come to the rescue 

again because you have 

so much so much of oil 

can't you yourselves 

save yourself from turmoil? 


Have a good life 


Daily voyages into awe

regular adventures into wonder 

time to personal mastery

increase in self love and faith 

celebrate private joys

look for everyday magic 

 those little joys coming here and there 

not delaying finding peace 

display and experience kindness 

nice coffee at a nice place 

planning and sipping at own pace 

listening joyful music everyday 

be around flowers and nature

have a raise in your frequency 

visit art galleries 

read fine books 

recite poetry on your own Keynotes 

eat fantastic food 

bless your money 

bless your body 

avoid bad and annoying people 

stay away from drama Queens 

and negativity Kings 

thus experience good life. 


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