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Hô Sìn-hān - 何信翰

Hô Sìn-hān - 何信翰

Nationality: Taiwán
Email: hosinhan09@gmail.com


Hô Sìn-hān - 何信翰

was born in 1976. He had been studied in Russia for 6 years and was moved deeply by the passion for literature of Russians. After returned Taiwan, he started research in and to revive Taiwanese language and Written Taiwanese literature. He realized research in Russian literature alone cannot satisfy him. He also comprehended it is insufficient to study Taiwanese literature with traditional methods. Thus, he has tried to research Taiwanese literature with the combination of European research methods and written Taiwanese Literature. Fortunately, he has got some achievements in his study.

Hô has studied the theory of poetry for a long time. His students have earned written Taiwanese poems prizes under his direction. In spite of that, he started to write poetry in February, 2012. There are two main themes in his poems. One is the search for inner peace, and the other is the reveal of discrimination against Taiwanese history and language nowadays.

His purposes of writing poetry are to instruct students and to spread his ideas. He always posts his works on Facebook first, and then chooses some of them to submit for publication. Through various media, he intends to share his works with more readers. 



    Ginger lily and ficus / 蝶仔花kap榕仔


Next to the temple

Grows Ginger lily and ficus

Side by side


The ginger lily never envy ficus for growing taller

The Ficus never envy ginger lily for fragrant flower.


Both of their lives are easy and free.



Carousel / 旋轉木馬


Day by day

Year by year

He jump up, jump down

Jump up, jump down

He always works diligent and striving.


As time goes by

Suddenly, he found himself

Standing in the same place,

Never goes farther.



    Facebook / 面冊


This is the age of hoping to listen:

“Good morning!”

“I’ll go to sleep!”

“Today isn’t my day”

Every single thing in our daily life,

We post it into facebook

For that our friends can click the “like” button.


Update relationship status to “in a relationship”,

“Friend someone on Facebook”,

“Thumbed up comment”

We want everyone join our life and to know that

With whom we are fall in love?

Who is our friend?


We will happy,

When more and more friends

Click the “join” button.

We will sad,

When nobody wants to share our post.


Did those people, who thumbed up our comments,

Had ever read them ?

Will the friend, who usually clicks “like” button to your comment

Really make you feel warm?


This is the age of virtual,

An age of emptiness.



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