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Helen Bar-Lev

Helen Bar-Lev

Nationality: Israel
Email: hbarlev@netvision.net.il


Helen Bar-Lev

Helen Bar-Levwas born in New Yorkin 1942.  www.helenbarlev.com   Her poems and artwork have appeared in numerous online and print anthologies.  Six Poetry Collections.  She was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2013.  Helen is Assistant to the President of Voices Israel group of poets in English www.voicesisrael.com  and Senior Editor of Cyclamens and Swords Publishing, www.cyclamensandswords.com  She lives inMetulla,Israel with her poet-partner Johnmichael Simon.


Double Blessing


a setting sun in the west

feather clouds flame pink-gold

over a waveless sea

glasslike in its stillness

so blue it disappears

into its transparency


at the same instant

to the east

sitting on the tip of the mountain peak

a gossamer full moon

a globe of pale orange juice

peeks over the mountain

as though trying to decide if it’s time to rise


and you wish you were a creature

akin to the chameleon

whose eyes are independent

so that the left could see the sunset

the right could see the moon

and the brain would view both simultaneously

and your neck could stop this impossible craning


© Helen Bar-Lev



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