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Arbind  Kumar  Choudhary

Arbind Kumar Choudhary

Nationality: India
Email: kohnoor@rediffmail.com


Arbind  Kumar  Choudhary

Arbind  Kumar  Choudhary(B:1965)  is  a   poet , a  professor  and  an  editor who  credits  more  than  nine  poetry  collections:

1.Eernal Voices(2007),2.UniversalVoices(2008),3.MySongs(2008) 4.Melody(2009),5. Nature Poems(2010), 6. Love Poems (2010),7. Nature  ( 2011),8. Love    (2011), and  9. The  Poet  (2011)    in  English,  two refereed   literary  journals – Kohinoor  and  Ayush, more  than  fifty  interviews  published  in  India,  Romania ,  Malta  and  Albania   and  a  number  of  literary  awards  in  the USA, China and India.He , an  originator  of  Indianised version of Arbindonean  Sonnets  and  Arbindonean  Racy  Style in Indian English literature, has  been   credited  with  a  number of literary nick-names  due to his magnetic poetic personality . His  name  has been glittering  not only  in  Cambridge  Dictionary  of  English Writers,  England , World   Poetry  Almanac, Mongolia,4 Contemporary Indian English Poets, Romania, Five Indian English Poets, Jaipur  and  English  Poetry   in  India, Kolkata but also in more than twenty literary journals in America, Nigeria, Tunisia and India. His poems have been warmly admired   by  Teresinka    Pereira,Barnard.M.Jackson,

John.B.Lee,StephenGill,Les   Merton,Patrick  J  Summit , Kurt F Svatek  and   many other   European literary luminaries in Europe,America, and other continents. Prof.NDRChandra,Prof.SCDwivedi,Prof.R.A.Singh,

Prof.Mahendra Bhatnagar,Prof.Dutta,Prof.Mishra and many others have remained the prime verse-suitors  of his  poetic  groves  in  all  their  conscience. He  teaches  English at R.C.College,Majuli,Assam,India-785104.

Explored  in Indian English  Poetry:----

(1)Indianised  Version  of  Sonnets  called  Arbindonean  Sonnets

(2)Arbindonean  Racy  Style


The Earth


The earth is the berth

Of a man of mirth

For the hyacinth

Of the lovesmith.



The sheath of the smith

Makes heaven and earth

For the hyacinth

Amidst many a labyrinth.



This earthly passage

Is the wage of the sage

That encages the dutch courage

Of the nonage.



All living and non-living objects

Are the pearls of the divine  tracts.




The lovelorn life is a living death

Like the sheath of the labyrinth.


The berth of death is a mirth

For the slavish like nothing on earth.


Life is a crown of thorns

For the men of highborns.


Herod’s dog eat dog policy

Is worse than Death’s policy .


Birth, death and  rebirth

Are the sheath of celestial myth.


Life and death are incense

Unlike the century’s corpse.


Life’s incense flogs a head horse

For the abstruse of the dark horse.




The grogy of scatology

Is an elegy for the ecology

On this land of clergy

Amidst many a bogy.




Change is the wage

Of the sage

For the forage

Of the divine passage.




Death is an incense

For a man of patience

Amidst man a nonsense

On this land of essence.


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