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Jane Yue-hwan / 張月環

Jane Yue-hwan / 張月環

Nationality: Taiw√°n
Email: shilaywe@gmail.com


Jane Yue-hwan / 張月環

Jane Yue-hwan was bestowed with Doctor degree of Japanese Literature by Yasuta University in Japan in 2001, now is an Associate Professor & Chief of Appiled Japanese Dpartment in National Pingtung University.  Her publications include collection of essays ‘’Rain of Hometown‘’, short stories ‘’I and Park‘’, poems  ‘’A Song of Wind Chime‘’ and ‘’A Poem of Fruit ‘’.




        Tonight I walked by your door / 今夜  我從你門前走過


Tonight I walked by your door

hesitating for a moment as I looked at the door.

The moon and stars look same as they did three years ago.

But today I worry in silence.



I should have knocked on the door and said:

How about a drink?

But I fear spilling the warm wine


I shook my head



Perhaps by now you have quietly fallen asleep

Or are leaning out the window in expectancy

But not of me

Yet I tread on this road every day and how warm the feeling is.




         Background / Wax A    ﷽﷽﷽logy    nclude 背景


I ascend the mountain

You descend the mountain

Looking back,

I see the painted clouds

embracing you.



        Wax Apple / 蓮霧  


The fresh fruit is plump and juicy,

just like clusters of flowers

filled with nectar.


Perhaps it should chewed

in small bites.

Perhaps in large bites.

Look at


so fondly.




Deep red deep red




Just eat it!



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