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Tribhawan Kaul

Tribhawan Kaul

Nationality: India
Email: kaultribhawan@yahoo.co.in


Tribhawan Kaul

Tribhawan Kaul was born in J & K State of India on 01-01-1946. As a bilingual published writer-poet his poems have been published in How to Prevent Rape & Molestation(2010), Bhelpuri(2013), Inklinks(2013), In Our Own Words(2013),  Acerbic Anthology(2013), Wordsmiths in Their Verse(2013), Lamhe(2013), Poems From Third World(2014), Safina(2014), Mandela Tributes(2014), Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry for Peace(2014)as well as e-magazines besides on various poetic and social websites. He also publishes his works on qpeka.com besides on his own blog.  His published works include an anthology of English poems Children of Lost Gods(2013)and three books in Hindi language viz Nane Muno Ke Rupak(1959), Sab-Rang(2010), Mann Ki Tarang(2012).

e-mail:-  kaultribhawan@yahoo.co.in

I blog at :- www.kaultribhawan.blogspot.in




Love is bonding between sisters and brothers

Love is sharing by husbands and wives

Love is caring of parents & children

Love is emotional with everyone else.


Love is potion on the bed

Love is ocean and never dead

Love is in our hearts and in brain

Love is in blood and in our veins.


Love happens, can’t be created

Love is compassion, can’t be rated

Love is smile, makes us laugh

Love is deluge, can’t be hated.


Love is not showing your assets

Love is different from bloody lust

Love is not possessiveness shown

Love is what you give the best.


Love is not in your eyes

Love is not on your lips

Love is never demanding

Love which is true, never dips.


Love makes you to sacrifice

Love makes you to survive

Love can’t be gauged by language

Love makes a dead to revive.


Love knows no frontiers

Love knows no religion

Love has no caste

Love has no region.


Love is passion, love is respect

Love is forgiveness, love is peace

Love is power, love is faith

Love is prayer, love if true never cease.


Love makes you feel wanted

Love makes you get mated

Love makes you feel seduced

Love never makes you subdued.


Love is everlasting relationship

not infatuation

Love is everything

but punctuation.


Love is not give and take

Love is what you do for other’s sake

Love makes you feel stronger

Love is God makes you live longer.


Love is inferno, experience its pangs

Love is jealous within the gangs

Love is life, smooth but coy

Love is rain, indulge and enjoy.


Love is grace, blessing our progeny

Love is exhilarating, ending our agony

Love makes us positive, negating the negatives

Love is symphony bringing the harmony.


The concept of love can never be defined

It is so vast and too refined

Love is eternal and never dies

Love makes human sane and wise.



L'amour est le lien entre frères et sœurs,
L'amour est le partage entre mari et épouse, 
L’amour est le soin porté aux parents et aux enfants,
L'amour est une émotion avec toute autre personne. 
L'amour est un philtre au lit.
L'amour est un océan qui jamais ne meurt, 
L'amour est dans notre cœur et notre esprit,
L'amour est dans notre sang et nos veines.

L’amour arrive tout seul, il ne peut être créé,
L'amour est compassion, il ne peut être évalué, 
L'amour est sourire, il nous fait rire,
L'amour est déluge, on ne peut le haïr.

L'amour n’exhibe pas nos richesses,
L'amour est différent de la perverse convoitise, 
L'amour n’est pas possession de l’autre,
L'amour est ce que nous donnons de mieux.

L'amour n’est pas dans nos yeux,
L'amour n’est pas sur nos lèvres,
L'amour n’est jamais exigeant,
L’amour vrai jamais ne se perd.
L'amour nous fait nous sacrifier,
L'amour nous fait survivre,
L'amour ne peut être dit avec des mots,  
L'amour rend la vie à un mort. 
L'amour ne connaît pas de frontières,
L'amour ne connaît pas de religion,
L'amour n'a pas de caste,
L'amour n'a pas de pays.

L'amour est passion, l'amour est respect,
L'amour est pardon, l'amour est paix,
L'amour est pouvoir, l'amour est foi,
L'amour est prière, l'amour vrai ne meurt jamais.  
L'amour nous fait nous sentir désiré,
L'amour nous fait vivre l’un avec l’autre,
L'amour nous fait nous sentir séduit,
L'amour n’est jamais soumission.

L'amour est une relation éternelle,
Pas de l'engouement.
L'amour est un tout,
Pas de points de détail.

L'amour n’est pas un je donne, je prends,  
L'amour est ce que nous faisons par amour pour l'autre,
L'amour nous fait nous sentir plus fort,
L'amour est un Dieu qui nous fait vivre plus longtemps.

L'amour est enfer, expérience douloureuse,
L'amour est jaloux au sein des groupes,
L'amour est vie, calme et chose farouche,
L'amour est pluie, indulgence et joie.
L'amour est grâce, bénédiction sur nos descendants,
L'amour est exaltation, il met fin à nos affres,
L'amour nous rend positif, il nous fait rejeter le négatif,
L'amour est symphonie faite de pure harmonie.

Le concept de l'amour est indéfinissable, 
Il est trop vaste, trop subtil et raffiné,  
L'amour est éternel et ne meurt jamais,
L'amour rend l’être humain saint et sage.


        Kaul Tribhawan

Translated into French by Athanase Vantchev de Thracy

Poet – Paris – France



A Big Question




bears progeny carrying blood

colour red, only red

without any religion and caste to tow

till initiation.

A life takes shape,

living becomes mandatory

measuring up not to the reality

water starts flowing down the veins

filth fills the brain

actions contrary to religious beliefs

take centre stage

inhuman behaviour with hatred

shatter the peace

bloodsuckers  having a ball,

“should there be religions at all ?”

A question raised by sufferings.

Oh! Why a Gandhi, King, Mandela

too take birth in this world insane

facing ups-downs and challenges

living through neither hell nor heaven

proving time and again

‘live and let live’

motto, what the God ordained.

Why are they far and few between ?


        Soul searching by peace


 Standing before the mirror gazing self

twin one croons,

“history of wars, fights, skirmishes

have already taken toll of you

terrorism of every dimension

now becoming sin number eight

what is to expect now from you ?”

It questions simple and straight.


“Sometimes you are scarred

Sometimes you are battered

Sometimes you are crossed

Sometimes you are martyred.



“Are you dead ?

Nay, I dread

you are not yet,”

whispers my mirrored friend.


“eighth sin has no place

war has no grace

let more sunshine be there

for everyone and everywhere

undoing mean human mentality

let darkness not prevail

blinding us till eternity.”


“Rise, rise, rise once again

show your prowess

hold tightly drooping reins

 peace, humility and harmony breeds

great civilizations

don’t dump into dustbins

God’s own beautiful creations.”


“Alias love, compassion and brotherhood

you can’t be dead

wake up and change the mindset

for the sake of entire humanity

 make violence to shed violence

apartheid to shed bias

states to terminate conflicting ways

with false vanity

and embrace you

with heart and soul

global peace be only your goal.”


Could withstand no more

allowed it to merge in mine

my conscience ready to take on

all the violent ways head on

for peace and harmony.



        The Martyr


Lotus blooms only in mud

bleeding wounds do give solace

colour, caste, religion matter not

flag of pride and ownership do.


Nectar and poison drawn

from churning a rouge entity,

for everyone to reap

gruff of a lion is enough for sheep

yet clever is fox in numerous garbs.


Poison of hatred everywhere

drink like Neelkantha*,spare the nectar

for those, who need it the most

heaven is hidden somewhere there

raise the bar there is nothing to fear

your body may be consigned to flames

But not YOU, never ever.


*Hindu religious scriptures (mainly Shiv Puran) say that during the great churning of sea by Gods and

Demons, nectar and poison both were produced. None was prepared to consume poison (Halahal) but that

had to be consumed otherwise that would have made entire sea poisonous. So Lord Shiva took the poison for

the benefit of all but did not swallow it and kept it in his throat making his entire neck bluish. The Lord since

then came to be known as ‘Neel Kantha‘ (having blue coloured throat) also.

A martyr is also like Lord Shiva who gulps down/ embraces the poison of Martyrdom so that people of

his/her land of his/her country remain safe. Enemy country is like a sheep which dares not take on direct

confrontation but send terrorists who come in various disguises. These terrorists sometimes succeed in their

misadventures succeeding in killing brave soldiers fighting for their motherland.


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