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Sujit Mukherjee

Sujit Mukherjee

World President of Poets of the World
Nationality: India
Email: skm567@gmail.com


World President of Poets of the World

Sujit Mukherjee is an author , poet , photographer, culinary expert  and an erudite scholar from  India . He was awarded  best poet of the year in India, twice . His poems are translated in Spanisn, Portuguese , Chinese , Italian , Greek, Arabic ,  Romanian ,Bangla and Hindi languages .He authored 7 non fiction books   and 26 books of poems .He has travelled more than 75 countries in the world .He was facilitated at the Rastrapati Bhawan   by  two former President s   of India  ,Dr Abdul Kalam and Mr Pranab Mukherjee . He is member of the prestigious International Writers and Artists  Association(IWA) , based in USA ( UNESCO recognized body ) . His books are kept at the National  Libraries of  the few countries   He is the Poet Ambassador  from India for the world body of poets ( PPDM ).


My ship sails and sails towards distant shores

Moves far away from the shore to the seemingly endless ocean

My ship sails   unmindful of the dangers and other turbulences

I am apprehensive of the unknown dangers of the ocean

After sailing for days, fears of the ocean melts

And I see the beauties   of the ocean and its romance with

Sky, sun and moon

Ocean reveals its laughter and roars of joy

In the midst of the symphony of the sailing   ship,

Whistling winds and roaring waves

And my union with this symphony

Shore remained   a distant dream

My destination no longer mattered

As   I am sailing with my friend

In our ship of friendship

And our yesterdays and tomorrows do not matter any more……

What is inside my body

What is inside my body

I do not know

What is outside in the air or space

I do not know

What I read is second hand information

I do not know its source

What I see is interpreted by my mind

I do not know what is inside my mind

Still I cling to my false sense of knowledge!


I am searching for my innocence

I wonder how I lost it?

I wonder who stole it and when?

I chisel away the encrustations from my mind

As I search for my innocence


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