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Shailendra Chauhan

Shailendra Chauhan

Nationality: India
Email: shailendrachauhan@hotmail.com


 Shailendra Chauhan

Shailendra Chauhan
Shailendra Chauhan (b 1954) is a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.

He writes poems, short stories, criticism of Hindi literature as well in English. His published works are:
Poetry Collections:
1) 'Nau Rupaye Bees Paise Ke Liye' (1983), Parimal Prakashan, Allahabad
2) 'Swet Patra' (2002), Sanghamitra Prakashan, Vidisha (MP)
3) 'Eashwar Kee Chaukhat par' (2004), Shabdalok Prakashan, Delhi
Short Stories:
1) 'Nahin yah koee Kahani nahin,' (1996) Sharada Prakashan, Allahabad
1) 'Paanv Zameen par' (2010) Bodhi Prakashan, Jaipur
2) Freedom Fighter Sh Kundan Lal Gupta
3) Thakur Mahaveer Singh
He has been editing an unscheduled little Magazine “Dharati” since 1979. He regularly contributes to literary Hindi and English magazines.
He lives in Delhi and can be reached at his emails : shailendrachauhan@hotmail.com or shailendrachau@gmail.com &




Shrinks slowly

the eagerness

as tortoise

shrinks its neck


An apathy

is spread

over the trees

and the sky


The lovely trees

look not so  lovely


The heart thrills not

with joy


Straight goes the


from one town to another

almost quietly







It’s the time now


Like strong whiff of a python

just as a blind ditch


Falling from heights of Niagara

and exhausted

still goes for gay time

at Otawa city

Isn’t it a dream !


Homeless electric wires

pass through the city overhead

have turned insensitive

Nobody talks anything

with anybody


Roaming freely are

stealers, pick-pockets

with sharpened edges of knives


Landing at airport

the time itself is

on the alert


He is hung without support

just like a compassionate friend

chirping from distance

like a sparrow


The excesses he suffered

have gone into oblivion

Behind the darkness is

the oval opening of the cannon

Countless mushrooms have bloomed

this year






Jungle Bazaar


The lake hidden

amid the jungle

The flight of

known-unknown birds

in the sky

The trees small and tall

of various flora and fauna

What a beautiful forest!

Shouldn’t I stay here?


Villagers on bicycles

pass on gossiping

No road, no electricity, no hospital

Twelve miles away the school

No bazaar near by



The bazaar is spreading and spreading

No wonder

If there be a marvelous bazaar tomorrow

by side this lake

The innumerous show-rooms


What will happen to the jungle?

Will the jungle survive?


Eco-friendly consumer

super market

botanical garden and a grand bazaar

amid the trees

deep spread in the jungle


Earlier there flowed a river

pure, clean and clear

in every town

Now the people everywhere

scattered  like drying up clothes

There is continuous emanation of

unpleasant smell from drains

throughout the town




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