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Pravat  Kumar  Padhy

Pravat Kumar Padhy

Nationality: India

The World Today

Here in this world today
Peace is rejected as a
Long forgotten rusted coin
And the world thinks
'Vice is purer than virtue
Dark is brighter than light'.
The hand that seeks for freedom,
The eye that looks for morals,
The mouth that shouts for peace,
The heart that leaps for liberty,
Are declared as dead and void.
A place of peace
Neither one gets on the earth
Nor even in the outer space.
War becomes a game - an exercise
On the innocent mass.
The dove, once let free in the sky,
Is shot dead for ever.
The Olive tree, once planted,
Is shattered under the
Cruel feet of mismanaged-man.
The rose of hope once longed for
Is tortured by its own thorns:
The civilization of SCIENCE-MAN.
Tears of man turn to stone
And his cry is killed
By his own voice of pain.

I Wish Every Day

I wish everyday
In dream
To see a tiny lovely dove
With green leaves in it's mouth
Flying over the blue sky.

I wish everyday
The flowers afresh
To look back to the world
Doomed in anguish and anger
And elate the rough mankind
To learn to smile
For a while.

I wish everyday
The ecstatic dance of peacock,
Cause of hide and seek play of deer,
Render the sense of love and peace
To the world so frighten.

I wish every day
The yonder stars
To pour rays of
Over this world divided.

Lastly I wish everyday
To pen a poem of peace
And sing through my
Drawing room window
For the mankind
Embodying with beauty nature
And bewitching creatures.

An Appeal

Let the zephyr of peace waft
With the message of love
To the places far off.

In this auspicious hour
Of serene dawn
Tender your blessing
On all human beings.

Garnish the earth
And azure the sky
With placid sunbeam.

The expression of brotherhood
Let it echo all around.
In this hour of daystar
Let us take oath.
Let peace smile
In North-South and East-West
With out respite.

Our voyage
Let it be docked
On the ship of peace
And reach
Near the shore
Of doctrine of friendship.

Amongst all
Let us be worthy
To ourselves
To make the earth
Smile once again.

With burst of gaiety and peace
Let the rhythms of love ripple.
Caste, religion, rich and poor
From this deserted soil
Let these yellow eyed feelings

With the spark of celestial surmise
Let it weed out
The distinction prevailing here
And let the breeze of peace
Muse all over.


Brief Bio-data

Pravat Kumar Padhy
, professionally a petroleum Geologist, ONGC, India.
Received Masters in Science and Ph.D in Applied Geology from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. Lives in India with wife, Namita and two daughters, Smita and Rupa. Published literary articles and poems in leading English news papers, journals, anthologies and e-zines. Literary work referred in 'Interviews with Indian Writing in English', Indian Literature, Anger in Action: Exploration in Indian Writing in English, Spectrum History of Indian Literature in English, Alienation in Contemporary Indian English Poetry, A Survey of Indian English poetry etc. Awarded 'Certificate of Honour' from Writer's Life Line, Canada.
Included in International Who's Who in Poetry and Poets, Literary article titled 'Abstract Poems' adjudged as the 2nd best entry in the Asian American Poetry e-Journal. Member, World Society of Poets, USA, Honoured as 'Featured Poet' in Poetry Street e-Journal, UK, Editors' Choice Poet award by Poetbay, USA. Poetry award from Writers Guild of India. Haiku, Senryu and Tanka appeared in World Haiku Review, LYNX-Aha Poetry, Akita International Haiku, Dreamers Reality, The Four Seasons of Haiku, The Notes From the Gean, Tanka Online etc. Credited publication of verse, 'Silence of the Seas'.


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