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Shi  Ying

Shi Ying

Nationality: Singapur

Life Is Always a Lotus Flower

From infantility to maturity to today of senility
I am living like a lotus flower
Which never yields to anything
When life is besieged by filthy air
I break through pridefully

For several times dust fills the sky under spells of wind
Which is hard to avoid
Though contaminated from time to time
It is clear when rain comes
Moral integrity is bright like colored glaze which never fades

Crazy Words

The planted sapling
Grows sturdy and strong
Among green leaves
Hang clusters of fruits
Ripe they are beautiful like yolk
There stands a mango tree
In posture of harvest
To display its existence

One mango after another is cut open when the basket is filled
The edacious are ignorant
Seeing some meat deteriorate —
Covered with dots upon dots of toxin
They jump to a conclusion
The whole tree is infested by worms
No suitable any longer to grow they hold
A sharp axe
And apply it to the tree

Watery Beads Splash Over the Oar

When green water splashes
Glittering grains
Discharge in all directions
A natural response
Instead of bouncing and jumping panache
Only because
Somebody is always brandishing the oar

The water is far from a log which suffers and endures
In spite of tender feelings at a glance
It contains
A fiery fighting spirit which never dies
Once attacked the spring-like ability
Bursts out
To wet the clothes of oar-bearer

When Human Society Is Seen Through

Rolling red dust in human society
Enmity, dispute and killing in revenge
Millions of motes
Turn into a riotous net
Fail to cover up
My bright eyes when everything is seen through
The frame of mind at an old age
Like the lake surface under gentle breeze
Full of rimples and dimples
The vigor of frightening billows is no more
Remnant years
Weariness is shown when the tide recedes the echo
Fades off
When the tide comes again
The pageantry of following waves and waves

The Nick

A beam of golden nick in spite of
Heavy dust
Hides from view temporarily
Sooner or later
After a rain cleansing
When it clears up
Dazzling rays of light are going to flash

[Tr. Zhang Zhizhong]

About the Author:

Shi Ying
, his original name was Chen Panxu, and he is the most famous poet-scholar in Singapore. Shi Ying was born in Singapore in the year of 1940. While young, he has been a newspaper editor for important news and chief editor for an entertainment weekly. In his midlife, Shi Ying turned to medicine, and established Jianmin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, while dealing in medical herbs. He is good at curing incurable diseases, and can treat dozens of patients in one day, thereby he enjoys great fame in the medical circle. He is concurrently director of the Academic Research Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, special editor-in-chief of World Poets Quarterly, researcher of the Institute for Chinese Poetry Research in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao & Overseas Countries of Huainan Normal University, China, founding director of the International Seminar for Chinese Culture, specially invited editing member of Anthology of Modern Poets Within and Without China, and a founding member of the Association of Chinese Poets in Southeast Asian Countries. Shi Ying starts his literary career at the end of the 50s of the 20th century. He focuses his energy on poetry creation, while spending some time writing novels, prose, and poetic criticism. He turns, in his later years, to the research of Chinese literary history of Singapore and Malaysia. Up to now, he has published more than 20 books, including poetry collections and monographs. His works and brief biography are included in dozens of important anthologies and dictionaries, and some of his works have been translated into foreign languages such as English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Polish, Greek and German, etc. Owing to his preeminent achievements in poetic creation, Shi Ying has won many important prizes such as Gold Medal for the 2nd Dragon Culture Outstanding Achievements and the 3rd Dragon Culture Excellent Poetry Collection awarded by the International Seminar for Chinese Culture, and Award for the Best International Poet of the Year 2004 issued by the International Poetry Translation and Research Centre. His Chinese-English Selected Poems of Shi Ying by the International Society of Greek Writers and Artists, for which he was awarded “World Poetry Peace Prize”. Nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature, 2006.


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