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Ye  Shibin

Ye Shibin

Nationality: China


The Bullet

The bullet leaves the chamber, like
The howling rain, like a shooting star

Actually, all the basis of our life
Is a goal. We come for it and
We walk to the end of our life

The bullet rives off resistance to howl
Like our gasping all the way
The fervency it grinds with the world

Terrifying and lamentable [the fast and
No-return flying] in spite of
The bullet and our passage

The goal which we can and must reach
The real goal is only death

Arrow Target

Aiming at a keen-edged direction
Direction of the epoch, walking to and fro

Those arrowheads, my coarse rays of light
Penetrate my soul, touching
My pain

But the marksman, why leave me behind cruelly
I should be snapped together
With the last arrow

Marksman in a real sense has been lost in this age
Dense rays of light have been lost, concrete
And profound space
Releases my life-long pain

In this age, I am nothing more than a stick

All Substantial Things Fill Your Eyes with Tears

All deaths imitate each other
Like days in this world

At the last moment, my palm
Unclenches. Weary fruits close the wound
Falling off, like a cluster of lamps
Before the window drooping with rainwater
The old tree is dim and dark
The scrape of banana, through
The life of a firefly

I embrace death all my life
The grief of death makes your wife beautiful
Those dewy flowers and wings
Furl in moonlight

Darling, the moment you fall in love with them
Your heart seems to be cut by a knife
Those frail raindrops
And flowers intimidate you
All substantial things
Fill your eyes with tears

When those tired field rats, those
Strong-armed grave diggers
Return to their low thatched shed
They curse life
And curse death. I hear
The sharp-edged shovel
Is collecting rays of light in dark night

(Tr .Zhang Zhizhong)

Plum, I’ll stand in the hell or heaven
About the author:

Ye Shibin
[1958— ] China, is a distinguished poet-writer in contemporary China; his ancestral place is Tianchang City of Anhui Province. In 1982 he graduated from the Chinese Department of Anhui Normal University and got his bachelor’s degree. He began his literary creation in 1980, and furthered his studies in 1990 at Lun Xun College of Literature. He has been engaged successively in different occupations and now works at the Federation of literary and Art Circles of Tianchang City, Anhui Province. He is a member of China Writers’ Association, of World Congress of Poets [WCP], and a guest professor of Anhui University and College of Chuzhou.Since 1982, he has published a host of poems, short stories and novels at more than one hundred international newspapers and magazines. In September, 2007, he got honorary doctoral degree from IPTRC; in the same year, he received the award of “International Culture & Literature & Arts” from Greek Association of International Writers & Artists, and he was rated as “the Best International Poet for 2007” by IPTRC; at the beginning of 2008, he won “Anhui Literary Award” from Anhui Provincial People’s Government. We All Come From the Stone-Steps of Our Former Residence, Looking up to House Girder, Rivers and Hills Poppling in the Setting Sun, The Then Autumn Was Lifted High by Wild Geese, four poems by him are anthologized respectively into College Chinese published by Hefei Industrial University Press, College Chinese published by North Jiaotong University, and College Chinese published by People’s Education Press. Many of his works have been translated into foreign languages including English, French, Japanese, German, Russian, Greek, Romanian, Portuguese, Slav- Mongolian, and Swedish, etc., and have been included into dozens of important anthologies. Listening and Speaking, a collection of his poems, has been listed as “one of the most important collections of Chinese poetry in the 90s of the 20th century”; En Route, another collection of his poems, has been acclaimed as “an awestruck work” and “a representative poetry collection of symbolism and existentialism in China at the new century” by some critics. His main works include collections of poems such as Door-god, Listening and Speaking, En Route, Selected Poems of Ye Shibin [Chinese-English], Selected Poems of Ye Shibin [French], a collection of short stories entitled You Can Not Walk Out of Your Shoes, and Corpus of Ye Shibin [in four volumes], etc. Nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature, 2009.



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