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Ernesto Pangilinan  Santiago

Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago

Nationality: Filipinas

A Beauty That Never Sleeps

O, Pearl of the Orient, land of my great ancestors--
the Poets, the Writers, the Historians, the Leaders, the Novelists
the Peace Makers, the Inventors, the Rice Growers, the Seafarers
the Scientists, the Doctors and Nurses, the Performing Artists
the OFW's and me---Mabait Na, Masipag Pa, from your tears

Let me flutter, with my fragile wings, through Chocolate's Hills
that they may learn the true essence of your will
that they may hear the gentle sound of your dancing wind
that they may also feel the nobility you shared, with me
and above all, that they may know you, the land of my great ancestors

O, Pearl of the Orient, like a beautiful, caring mother--
that has un-replaceable love, beauty and wisdom, embracing cheerfully
the twitchers of your hospitable heart, even if I will have a short life
surely, I'll not try, but I will pattern their souls, on your lustrous smile
and we'll walk them, together, on Luneta Park that you, once, walked me


The Eye of Peace

Love is great and it is the eye of peace
Really easy to seek, if, heart only speak
Like craving, for a gentle morning kiss

If you love, in life you will have a peace
Others will live, without a gun or a stick
We, the world then will surely be at ease

I desire for love and you crave for peace
We together do let hearts cheerfully speak
That others may feel gentle morning kiss

Peace is a true love, for us, to have peace
You will not have it, thru a gun or a stick
Nor, the future will, if, we're not at ease


O, Mother Earth

O, Mother Earth,
you're so rich, with butterflies' songs
and full of olden lullabies,

sung by mountains and valleys
while rivers keep flowing through
the ever-changing seasons of life.

You speak the language
I hardly know,
but your silver touch

sends me a tingle,
that great joy and laughter
bejewel the lake of green.

Your yellow orb scattered
sparkly gems on the blue water
of a mesmerizing sea;

as for your majestic sky,
it wraps, gently, its arm around me
whilst I gaze, at-night, at the stars.

O, Mother Earth,
take me to the fortress,
where kings and queens meet

and teach me.
the graceful dance
of the wind.


Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago
is a Filipino immigrant, poet, author and novice photographer, living in Athens, Greece. He attended San Sebastian College, taking up Political Science in 1984-1986, then later through scholarship moved to the former USSR, where he continued his studies at the Ukrainian Institute of International Relations at Kiev University in Kiev, Ukraine, where he graduated in 1992, with a degree in International Law and a certificate in Russian Language, granting him the right to teach at courses and circles of Russian. For him, poetry is the many voices of the heart.and he says 'I am only writing what my aging brain sees, and if what I write makes me a poet, then, I am a poet.' Though, he began his writings recently he has already authored a poetry book 'The Walking Man', published 2007 by Outskirtspress. Having been featured in 'The International Who's Who in Poetry', he gives aid and inspiration to others in both his works and personal life. He's also shared some of his poetry-- published in 'Voices of Hope' by Global Poets Guild, to help a charity, for the benefits of cancer victims.

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