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Sajeet  Soudagar

Sajeet Soudagar

Nationality: Malasia

To exorcist

Hark, stop, hold, restrain!
I love this mystic pain.
Exorcise me not,
For this is all I've got.

Exorcise me, I've been possessed

It's been eating up my sleep,
Ain't got no laughter, no weep,
You've gotten into me,
All over and far too deep.

Exorcise me I've been possessed.

My body's a host,
To this enchanting ghost.
I see her in the mirror,
Besides, beneath, above and all over.

Exorcise me I've been possessed.

You govern the trend of my thought,
Each of my aye and naught.
A submission so groovy and unfought,
Grants the elation I've sought.

Exorcise me not, for this is all I want

I know not

It's a stage, the world, I was taught,
What's the play, and my part, I know not.

I hear each sound, in the neighborhood,
The clamor in my heart, I know not.

Thy love art the balmy radiance of the sun,
Am I in shade or the smart, I know not.

If man art made of clay,
Am I but dirt, living in dirt, I know not.
[NB: dirt here is a reference to dust]

Who shoves me in this hastening crowd,
To whom I give a start, I know not.

Oh the rivers of my fate, generously flow on,
For I am a slave or a dart, I know not.



Change! I said,
Dastardly life that's led.

To the world get peace,
From ruses let it ease.
Kill the fox. melt the ice,
Get virtue for vice.

Why the avid world we awe,
How long our skin we save?
The battle I entered in confident guise,
Only to return more wise.

Along with all logically based,
Heels on head I was chased.
'Cock-a-doodle-do' I was awake,
Goodness, it was daybreak.

Great men where many failed,
How could my ship there be sailed.
So hail to the world as it is,
Hail injustice, hail crises.



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