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Sona Van

Sona Van

Nationality: United States
Email: sonavan77@gmail.com

All I Know Is…

Like a wealthy and frightened old man who spends each morning
counting, itemizing, and inventorying his possessions, a poet shapes
an inventory of existence. A poet’s greatest fear is fear of losing –
whether it is losing a feeling, an emotion, a sensation, a memory, an
experience, an image, a sense of reality, or a moment in time.
Although writing poetry is a verbal act, and assumes a hunger to say
something new; more often than not it is an effort to confirm what is
already in the past -- experiences, visions, images and sensations, in
such a breathless manner as if life depended on it. By finding new
and hidden associations, the poet first affirms and legitimizes the
subject for himself, while using the frame and format of the poem to
further immobilize it and nail it down, which frees him from the fear
of ever losing it. It is a seemingly impossible task, which is sometimes
achieved… by some miracle. That miracle is poetic genius.

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