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Younis Atari

Younis Atari

Nationality: Canada
Email: younisatari@gmail.com

Athens Player

Athens Player


My fingers linger in the air of your room

to identify

the metaphor in the improvised music of cold-lands mountains


A trickster[1] in Athens you are

driving some small moist air

to triumph

over the dryness of winter in the north

thus, we enter as two birds, the smaller fledgling murdered by stretches of land and calamities

we are who differ over the tears of paper under the clouds of wishes and beyond memories

like all others…

and sleep like a doe that canters every time it’s lost

in a forest where all trees run;

no sign of the silkworm..

in the silt..

in the chamber..

on that island..


In timeworn alleys, a call rises like a blossoming song

a sound on the edge of awaiting ravages homes through their high windows

hail drops on the wings of bats

on a road no longer suited

for walking

for carriages drawn by Cyprian mules[2]


We dance together to the breath of firewood where unseen fates[3] sprout like black boulders of gentle reprovements

we know

and draw goat milk from echoes of afar

we believe the smell of wind at sunrise.



Athens is a beautiful republic no more

for you have went with me to Alexandria

her beach welcomed you

and drowned me in the Mediterranean

the Egyptians crowned you queen


Gilgamesh saved my life

he departed from Iraq through Syria

and raised sailboats in Tyre

and lit fire on the face of the water  

the Egyptians welcomed him like any god descending from his throne to protect creation

and the love which grew in Athens


Younis Atari

Translated by: Taib Alhosny

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