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Pusetso Palesa Lame

Pusetso Palesa Lame

National Secretary of Botswana
Nationality: Botswana
Email: lameloetopusetso@gmail.com


Pusetso Palesa Lame

National Secretary of Botswana

Pusetso Palesa Lame aka Poetic Blood. The Co-founder and active Director of Dare to Fly Movement. A movement aiming at bringing artists/poets together on social grounds. The other aim is to develop poetry at grassroots level until they are able to be competent enough to be enrolled to Poetic Omnibus. An all-time active participant in the Botswana Presidential competitions and always emerging in the top five best poets in all the time since 2014 to date! Does English and Kalahari spoken word


Pusetso Palesa Lame también conocido como Sangre Poética. El cofundador y director activo de Dare to Fly Movement. Un movimiento destinado a reunir a artistas/poetas por motivos sociales. El otro objetivo es desarrollar poesía a nivel de base hasta que sean capaces de ser lo suficientemente competentes como para ser inscritos en el Omnibus poético. ¡Un participante activo de todos los tiempos en las competiciones presidenciales de Botswana y siempre emergiendo entre los cinco mejores poetas en todo el tiempo desde 2014 hasta la fecha! ¿Inglés y Kalahari palabra hablada




Times pins have pierced his limbs

Rivers of wrinkle flow on his face

Bond and twist his centre

Observe his beauty in a heavy great coat The grandfather that I have never seen but I know Have never seen but viewed


The person that I heard about as fantacy He was so brave and concurred the world war Moved the forest and dug boreholes Mastered the farming strategies Loved and promoted my grandma s happiness No one have ever given a full version of him But his works  are still alive


Some one said I look like him

One once said I length like him

And she wondered how I can length one I don’t know The creator knows his making I still carry his name Probably my kids will continue his legacy


All he wanted was good living

He dress and fed may parents

He left enough to feed them for a life time I still dream about him to date Imaged his gate in the heavy Greatcoat I wish a had a moment with him Just to read his mind And adopt his thought


May time grant me my Grandfathering Season?




I read a study yesterday


While poetry is my game

Poetic blood is my name

I, the sensational blood, the rhythmic word compiler Sits under coffee tree for some Java coded word explanations its all the same Hence entrepreneurship is my Fame


I, read a study yesterday

“Creative industries, A vehicle for for sustainable development”

Reminds me well of Poetic Omnibus

And promiscuity is research & development as evolution begs embellishment But what is this poetry on the bus?

My arrested development, here with you I’m trapped out of my element I would consider identity element, how preeminent?

I know self defense is intelligent


Hence my daily regiment is development


Failure is an abandoned child of success Success is a bustard, it has too many fathers That’s just a curtain of the night Dreams like Ghosts must hide away T’is the day they walk in awful splendor, regal yet Wearing their crimes like rich hereditary leftovers


All these can lead to under development

The African Elephant is a tourist site but who dare likes a white elephant?

I would not want your development if you ignore the laws of the government Tourists? Yeah they heard They heard a new wave is born BW the world’s interest, the desert they deserted They influx is of investor tourist attraction They heard They heard of the 1000km desert race, the beautiful curling and listing of the Okavango Deltas From Khubamang Scud, Leslie, Domboshaba, Toropo ya muka to the Poetic Omnibus Infinite word poetry fest they heard Even the DIS were celebrating the rebirth of OIKADO in a recent study


Can’t you see for a vehicle to move all antagonizing parts have to work together!

A vehicle lyrically feasible, it is meaningful Physical miracle, pinnacle of a moving nation Let’s say it’s agreeable yet believable Critical feasible seeable and doable visions in our minds we remain a nation unbeatable Agreeable!

Say a moment when you go to them and parliament opens Debates open, motions passed, won’t you say that’s just cynical!

Political yes, empirical satirical moves so placed the whole nation knows it’s strategical


I wonder what you take us for

All I see is Diplomatic corps on higher floor This boils all the way to my core Or more TOR’s are scored see the coming of the Peloponnesain war I know certain rapport; rumour has it that they went uproar But that’s just the sophomore leaving you eyesore All our investments grown offshore there adore what your mentor has done evermore Now I moved from a state of war to a sleep of war Guess I will see you on the dance floor


All this grief, greed put in positive led to creative industries A destination yet to reach, let me spill the beans, sympathies are activities Causing injuries to ministries Deficiencies to contingencies of eysian fields have turned into faculties of hostilities But I’m looking for a world where disabilities are neither liabilities nor sympathies


It’s all a native stative dative way to realize administrative methods need to be legislative Every innovation so rehabilitative, vegetative stimulative  From quantitative methods we just stay appreciative Just picture this; first robot in my country is a poet in history  ‘‘Good day Poetic Blood I see you are senselessly training yourself out Apparently you are under a test, a fugitive of the future The people applaud you for being a wordsmith You know us, we are just a future like you

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