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Onkgolotse Manuel aka Bonni

Onkgolotse Manuel aka Bonni

Consul Bots
Nationality: Botswana
Email: 10denc.aka.bf@gmail.com


Onkgolotse Manuel aka Bonni  

Consul Bots

Bonnie is an all time geat folk poet of Botswana, winning Botswana Presidential competitions. Bonni is a word lyricist, a need of the country and culture upholder craftsman who designs and makes his own outfits.


Bonnie es una poeta popular de todos los tiempos de Botswana, ganando competiciones presidenciales de Botswana. Bonni es un letrista de palabras, una necesidad del artesano del país y la cultura que diseña y hace sus propios trajes.



In an open and clear road I restarted my journey The road view was promising and encouraging Felt the struggle of air against the vehicle body The tensed heat from the sun like nobody’s business The birds twitter was heard as the vehicle decelerate Again and again tyres were rolling faster and faster To cover a trillion of revolutions For my destination is peace.


The motion always has resistance

Punching the accelerator more to thrust against resistance Visit the break occasionally more to cope with road jams For I’m always on the look for traffic jams as well as obstacles The road goes clear again for one to speed up As I speed it seems like I wanna recover the lost time Far and far away I travelled on lime


Looking into the review at several point Made me to remember all the things I want to forget Miseries’ of the mysteries of where I come from Consuming the time I could have used to forgive myself Counting the bad things I have done Makes me wonder whether I can do any good Focused and moving forward I pictured my destination


Question after question arose

Did I have enough for the road?

Did I know the condition of the road?

Did I study and obey the road signs?

Is my vehicle road wealthy?

Do I have defined expectation of my destiny?


I became more alert and aware of my position More senses were activated throughout the journey The vehicle had a true purpose to serve The drive had the honour to lead the trip My ideas got refreshed and living became a reality My days are filled with pro-active thoughts And so my muscles know when to move and stop




The mirror have got vigilant eyes

And they use them righteously

They look at the beauty of the lady

It confirms the beauty at noon

It gives the final outlook at eve


The mirror speak but do not produce I sound They can tell every individual the story of their life And it is honest enough to be confidential No one can learn about another person from a mirror Mirrors are masters of privacy They will confess to a lady her looks


The looking glass of charms

As the lady sit before the mirror receives honour The lady can sit at the mirror, make up and improve appearance It always gives the morning confirmation to the loyal users What the mirror told develops confidence


The glass that always appreciate

It always encourages for improvement all the time Mirrors will always give positive feedback I will never miss the pleasure of keeping the mirror Goo people trust your mirror The awesome glass of true reflections




He is the way

The truth

And the light

That light meant for salvation

To fill up our everyday interventions


The light that improves visionary

It reveals everything to great hope

This light raises myself awareness

I study the word & know how to handle my surrounding And I calculate my way about


It is that light of truth

Opening the way of understanding

Where does this way lead?

It depend upon the light

The truth will be the ultimate discovery


Jesus you are the light

The light of the universe

You brought the word of life

Truth is the definition of the word

Wisdom is the fruit of the word


The light makes all possible

To access the Biblical concept

In the light there is Revelations

In the light visions are obtainable

In the light we work with honour


Be vigilant brethrens

The light dominant al things

It is the route of righteousness

In light we rejoice for our freedom

So I refuse darkness

And I will always seek this light.


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