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Nationality: Zambia
Email: benedixiokhoti@gmail.com



CONSUL, REPRESENTATIVE -  BENEDIXIO MOORE KHOTI is a Proud African from the southern part of Africa ,Zambia in particular.He is an artist— an upcoming writer, Poet, spoken word artist, lyricist and storyteller.In his poetry he writes about the universe and the beyond beyonds beyond. He is a pioneer of peace and embraces one love for one mankind.He had fallen in love with writing at a tender age of 8.He has Redefined poetry as art of pure heart and pure imagination. In his journey as a writer has he been graced with countless accolades across many online forums and in his home town.

His most recent award and achievement comes in honour as a gold categorised member in Motivational strips. He has a unique dream of pushing poetry to depths of a new dimension;he dreams not of lit odeum where he will feed on plentitude of rehearsed praises but dreams of prophesying poetry to the streets where all will be free and feel comfortable. He is a true Poet hence labels himself a prophet.


Cónsul, representante - BENEDIXIO MOORE KHOTI es un orgulloso africano de la parte meridional de África, Zambia en particular. Él es escritor, poeta, artista de palabras habladas, letrista y narrador. En su poesía escribe sobre el universo y más allá de los más allá. Él es un pionero de la paz y abraza un amor por la humanidad. Se ha enamorado de la escritura a una tierna edad de 8 años. ha redefinido la poesía como arte de puro corazón y pura imaginación. En su viaje como escritor ha sido agraciado con innumerables elogios a través de muchos foros en línea y en su ciudad natal.

Su más reciente premio y logro se presenta en honor como un miembro de oro Categorizado en tiras motivacionales. Tiene un sueño único de empujar la poesía a profundidades de una nueva dimensión; no sueña con el Odeón iluminado donde se alimentará de la abundancia de alabanzas ensayadas, pero sueña con profetizar poesía en las calles donde todo será libre y se sentirá cómodo. Él es un verdadero poeta por lo tanto se etiqueta a sí mismo un profeta.



Blindly tip-toeing through
the bundle of trouble
in the chambers of my heart
flamboyant flamboyance of A Romance
gone bad majestically resides,
A complex labyrinth of fading memories
where fractured smiles and broken dreams
restlessly roam,
A canopy where a web
of higi-haga,crinkum-cr­ankum truths
that fetched my heart painfully rest,
a land where waves of naked pain
summons my name,
where membranous leaves
of pretentious floriferous love
curled and withered,
A time when doves begot crows,
that phase...
when i slipped through the tender
pores of roses
falling unto hands of itchy thorns,
a realm where desolate
plays god,
where sweet tales remain
and where the veil of loss
abruptly unfolds.
A Sanctuary where
my peace and happiness lays
encapsulated in a catacomb;
Here i toil
soaked in bitter dissatisfaction
by claws of blury Adumbration.



The rough hand of inquietude
Has slapped the tender face of mother earth
With hard a slap,
Scattering its pride Like Seed
unevenly spread over an unploughed field,
Nipping the folds of its heart
With pangs of a painful dart
Forcing its eyes to shed Tears of Blood.

Day in and out,Its delicate flesh
Is being raped right on the domain
of its fortress
with gentle strokes of words
neatly weaved from Savage hearts
hiding in suites clad in business suits;
Angels of doom
Preaching light in daylight
And spitting spite in the gloom of night.

Mother earth has been woed,
Fooled by siver-tongued men
Harassed not by their conscience
And haunted not by sweetness
Of their fake promises.
Her body has been fondled,
Played by soothing hands
Like rhythmic strings of guitars
By fingers of a maestro...

Her tender lips have been kissed
With fire,
Quenching a lovely atmosphere
Of calm Zephyr that painted
her like beautiful mascara,
her breasts have been sucked-Dry
By mouths of beasts pausing
In sheep’s clothing; pilfering from the bounty of her river of love.

of beauty and the beast
Man turns beast
And feasts upon the beauty,
Inflicting scars on fellow Mankind,
Imbibing their sun in pockets
Of sorrow
And Silently murdering their hopes
of the morrow,
Turning their smiles
Upside down
As the night collapses into a new dawn...

Mankind is threatened,
nightmares from stares
Of heartless men,
Crafty men who ruthlessly feed on greed
And wipe their mouths
With serviettes of selfishness;
Bursting dreams of noble men
With peeking eyes of hypocrisy
That knows no mercy
And drowns innocent souls in seas of mockery.


who wear ugly smiles
Like tongues of spotted salamander
perched in hidden woods of dark clamander,
Shining majestically in camouflage skin
Of kaleidoscopic chameleon.

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