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Nationality: Zambia



CONSUL, REPRESENTATIVE  CEASER ELDRIDGE LUNGU born on the 11th of August is a writer who developed a love for writing at an early age. He is ambitious, broad minded, creative, determined, friendly, funny, generous..etc He decided to venture into poetry from being intrigued and enthusiastic about words. Some of his achievements in poetry are performing at Cherise Makubale foundation, being interviewed by QTV Zambia as regards poetry and the relatability of the readers to his poetry.

He is inspired by the likes of William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou, Chinua Achebe and many others. His poetry contains a variety of topics and styles. His writings run from fiction to reality and everything in between. He went to Chizongwe Technical High school and later Evelyn Hone College where he did Computer Systems Engineering. He loves reading novels, Listening to music, watching movies, being with friends and loves to laugh..etc He is passionate about learning new things He also writes short stories(prose), lyrics and composes. He is also considering script writing and hopes to write a book one day.


Cónsul, representante CEASER ELDRIDGE LUNGU nacido el 11 de agosto. Es un escritor que desarrolló un amor por la escritura a una edad temprana. Es ambicioso, de mentalidad amplia, creativo, decidido, amigable, gracioso, generoso... etc. Decidió aventurarse en la poesía de ser intrigado y entusiasta de las palabras. Algunos de sus logros en la poesía están actuando en la Fundación Cherise Makubale, siendo entrevistado por QTV Zambia en cuanto a la poesía y la relatividad de los lectores a su poesía. Se inspira en los gustos de William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou, Chinua Achebe y muchos otros. Su poesía contiene una variedad de temas y estilos. Sus escritos van de la ficción a la realidad y todo lo demás. Fue a la escuela técnica superior de Chizongwe y más tarde a Evelyn Hone College donde hizo ingeniería de sistemas informáticos. Le encanta leer novelas, escuchar música, ver películas, estar con amigos y le encanta reír.. etc. él es un apasionado de aprender cosas nuevas también escribe relatos cortos (Prosa), letras y compones.

También está considerando escribir guiones y espera escribir un libro un día.



I longed to always see your face beside me as the night gets lost in the raising sun Yet;
I lost time looking at the clock watching seconds of chances ebbing away I locked my impotent feelings inside for I thought you wouldn't conceive what I would say Now;
I loathe the thought of you lost in thoughts thinking of another man

I listen to lamentations of unspoken words
I left a thousand letters burning yet I sent you a thousand empty envelopes I let my assiduity shift like a shooting star from a twinkle of a broken telescope Now;
I live in a house full of silence, echoes and geckos, a cage of birds

I laugh, sometimes cry, at the irony of my own masculinity
I least expected myself to be afraid of the unknown
I lifted the fears of twin shadows that my own mind cloned
I look at the glass of my Window learning from its fragility

I loaded fear within my chest that wasn't supposed to be carried
I lacked the confidence to look you in your eyes
I leashed my painful truths for mere flattering lies
I last heard from you two days before you got married

I loved you even before the fall of my crush on you
I led my courage to the grave where it now resides
I lied only to hide my shy looking truth inside
I light my mind on fire trying to burn the thoughts of you.



Roses are red and so is blood
Growing in darkness yet within bleed
Petals falling, falling on mud
Laying her heart bare on which vultures now feed
Tears rolled down her face
But she let them drop on to the paper
Tears became an ocean, an ocean turned into a verse
Then dark rivers of the heart flowed through the letter
She wrote in the most perfect handwriting
The enigmatic words coming from her obnoxious heart
For her heart was no longer beating but fighting
Fighting a war that would tear the world apart
Her heart was a princess, his promises a castle
Where she saw golden sunshine and purple rain
Where his crooked smile would say the sweetest words ever spoken
But vessels started to break when tables started to turn
So the princess was homeless for the castle was broken
Love defined her death, hate defined her worth
So every page had an untamed burning rage
Every truth was a scrim across the darkness
Reading between the lines one could see the flames of revenge
Love that was once hard to resist now seems so foolish to persist Years and miles have closed lips within the emptiness that grips
No sweet serenade, disturbed serenity
Memories became treacherous, everything became vanity
For the first time she noticed the thorns on roses
For the first time she looked behind and saw the lost years
For the first time she looked in the mirror and saw her real age
For the first time she had so many pains to write so she turned the page



chocolate girl, when they say you are beautiful let it sink in
Let go of hesitation and stop thinking
Atleast for a moment
For that is more than just a compliment
Chocolate girl, relax and be proud
For that colour is what makes you stand out
So stand up and embrace your melanin
for your beauty is embedded in the colour of your skin
Chocolate girl, I'll leave you if you ever bleach
For you are perfect like a game without a glitch
Well, only gamers will relate
But that is not as painful as living in regret
Chocolate girl, don't be fooled by social media
Filters are turning black to white more easier
What you see is not what you always get
So rest assured, you already look pretty and great
Chocolate girl, they say "the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice" Pac said, "the darker the flesh the deeper the roots"
I say, "own up girl but don't lose your identity"
Lest you forget what's futile and vanity
Chocolate girl, they will say, "you are as dark as midnight"
Tell them you are the reason their stars shine bright
And if they think you are cheap, cut off the price tag
For you are neither cheap nor expensive, you are priceless
Chocolate girl, let your hair be kinky or bantu knots
Let your teeth be radiant, white like pounded maize
So take your time like a thousand clocks
Then let your dark skin glow and watch them gaze and daze


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