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Nationality: Zambia
Email: martinchinimbwa@gmail.com



NATIONAL SECRETARY, MILIMO CHINIMBWA (MC STATES) MILIMO CHINIMBWA Milimo Chinimbwa is a seasoned Zambian poet, literal activist, arts projects curator, educationalist and broadcaster. He is based in Livingstone city located in the southern province of Zambia. Chinimbwa is the current chairperson of the National Schools Arts Association of Zambia (NASAAZ) in the southern region of Zambia. He is also an affiliate of the National Arts Council of Zambia as he sits on the Provincial Arts Advisory Committee (PAAC) in the southern province.

Chinimbwa has won numerous national awards both in the arts, media and education sector. He has been awarded as best poetry director and script writer among primary schools for many years now. In 2017, he was awarded as the most innovative teacher during the national World Teacher’s Day celebrations by Zambia’s Minister of General Education.


El Secretario Nacional, MILIMO chinimbwa (Estados MC) MILIMO CHINIMBWA Milimo Chinimbwa es un experimentado poeta zambiano, activista literal, conservador de proyectos artísticos, educador y locutor. Tiene su sede en la ciudad de Livingstone, situada en la provincia meridional de Zambia. Chinimbwa es el actual Presidente de la Asociación Nacional de Artes de las escuelas de Zambia (NASAAZ) en la región meridional de Zambia. También es afiliado del Consejo Nacional de las artes de Zambia mientras se encuentra en el Comité Consultivo Provincial de las Artes (PAAC) en la provincia meridional.

Chinimbwa ha ganado numerosos premios nacionales tanto en el sector de las artes, los medios de comunicación y la educación. Ha sido galardonado como mejor director de poesía y guionista entre las escuelas primarias desde hace muchos años. En 2017, fue galardonado como el maestro más innovador durante las celebraciones nacionales del día mundial del maestro por el Ministro de educación general de Zambia.



Life hits a snag with doldrums of distress

Stinking sweat dropping down the sledge

Pulling woes of dead mongers like a slave

Slaves in pure slavery like that of old

Innocent souls battered by demigods

Unleashing deadly slaps with a huge slap

Life drops dead down the debris

Stubborn on-slots slotted in a series

Miserable moments unleashed from a cage

Dreaded times of misfortune come off age

Spitting unwarranted scenes of bitter rage

Battered like a battered mastered seed

Crowded ugly scenes like a blossoming seed

Sending signals of an evil dreaded moment

Locked in a deadly cage of heavy torment

Life spits dead blood that stinks

Life urinates



Wet and cold we are

We live on a thread buried in misery

Like a child in a jungle full of predators

Or poor people hiding from their creditors

Rain drops down dangerously

Dangerous as broken bottles buried in sand

Even strong pillars cannot stand

We can’t stand straight for our stance bend

Weak and weary is the stance of our stand

Our future is under threat again

Again and again we stand for no gain

The only gain we know is that of pain

Rain drops down dangerously

Woe unto you blood suckers

A dark cloud forming over your heads

Dark cloud on dark bloody rainy day

Rain drops with it comes life

Sweeping the sorrows and worries of our souls

Wiping the tears in our eyes and misery on faces

The river of living water walks again

Rain drops



Hope fades and faith dies

Vision blurred and dreams shuttered

Focus lost and plans fail

Divinity snubbed and immorality praised

Wisdom dwindles and thoughts diminish

Rewards of deadly devilish demons

Pain within

Heart burns and mind blows

Pride prevails and punishment awaits

Storms rise and fights grow

Braveness broken and cowardice broadened

Passion killed and patience gone

Rewards of deadly devilish demons

Pain within

Determination dead and destruction affirmed

Voices blocked and value varnished

Flowers wither and life flops

War declared and devils win

Pain within



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